Congress Debating on How to Make Auto Insurance Mandatory


According to reports, Congress is currently debating whether they can force people to purchase auto insurance or not. While most industry experts that the thousands of uninsured  American drivers may be difficult to be forced into buying car insurance policies, the White House says that legislation can indeed for motorist into being insured before they drive along the national roads.

Congress Debating on How to Make Auto Insurance MandatoryRight now, Congress is currently debating on how they will penalize individuals who do not comply with the insurance mandate. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said last week that the people who claim that the supposed individual directive in the health-care and auto insurance bills is unconstitutional have very little or no basis at all for saying so. The bills, which are now being talked about by legislators, are causing much reaction from consumers and concerned parties from the insurance industry.

Although the Congress at present is focusing on health care mandates in particular, experts say that health care pretty much goes hand in hand with car insurance. According to the Insurance Information Institute, a great portion of the claims cost paid for by insurance providers go to medical bills and health care expenses. If the American public is forced to have health insurance, chances are, as an after effect, they will also be forced have car insurance as a form of health care.

Reports say that as the health legislation continues, an outpour of overwhelming reaction is building online. Blogs, websites, and other information outlets are starting to be filled up with articles having the notion that the US government is going force the public to purchase a commercial product even if they don’t have enough to pay for it or don’t want to buy. Those who are against the health care legislation advancement also argue that coercing the public to purchase one commercial product can lead to forcing people to buy more products in the future.

On the other hand, the proponents of the health care bill said that one of the legislation’s many goals is to expand the reach of health care to everyone and making the large uninsured portion of the country be protected by insurance. Legislators also predict that making everyone in the US carry auto insurance can significantly decrease the costs of having one. Insurance insiders say that if the plan of the government ends up a success, the outcome can mean a huge decrease in insurance premiums as the decreasing number of uninsured motorists will lead to broader risk pools which in turn will make car insurance more affordable.