Car Insurance Perks Stressed


Insurance industry experts are recommending car owners and policyholders to make good use of the less-known benefits that come with their insurance policies. According to specialists, many American motorists fail to understand the importance of having substantial insurance coverage. They add that by sampling adding a few more dollars, car owners can further protect their vehicles and investments better.

Car Insurance Perks StressedUnbeknownst to many policyholders, insurance companies typically offer special perks and benefits along with conventional coverage and policies. Experts say that Americans must realize the full potential of taking on these perks as added options. By including these options, policyholders can potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars should the worst happen.

For instance, specialists say, drivers fond of travelling to other states can purchase rental insurance to protect them if they choose to rent vehicles from rental companies. Rental insurance gives policyholders peace of mind and security when it comes to potential damage or destruction of company rentals. Industry sources agree that this option can have great benefits for policyholders who usually rent cars during vacations or on business trips. Aside from the typical waiver often presented by rental companies, motorists can also rely on their own providers to give them ample protection in the event of an accident.

Policyholders can also choose to add emergency roadside assistance service to their coverage. Popularized by the AAA decades ago, emergency services are now fast becoming standard add-ons offered by many major insurance providers. Experts say that car owners no longer have to be victims of abusive towing companies. With this option, policyholders can avoid paying outrageous towing fees. Motorists can ask for assistance if they encounter various forms of emergencies, including engine trouble, flat tires, locked-in keys, or empty gas tanks. These add-ons also come with specified free miles so policyholders no longer need to worry about paying excessive towing fees.

Car owners can also opt for additional medical insurance. With rising medical costs, motorists can find it difficult to manage ballooning hospital bills. With additional medical insurance, however, policyholders are assured that their insurers will take care of any excess costs related to hospitalization and even recuperation. Specialists contend that American motorists can save thousands in hospital expenses by simply choosing to add extended medical coverage.

Insurance experts say that investing in additional insurance perks will ultimately lead to large savings, especially in the event of an accident. Of course, they add, car owners have to balance their needs with their financial capabilities.