Car Insurance Firm Starts Campaign for Wounded Soldiers


Who says that you can’t help others and save money at the same time? A car insurance firm has found a way to continue its business and help the country’s brave men and women.

Car insurance firm starts campaign for wounded soldiersAuto insurance company launched its latest program aimed at helping car owners get discounts for their premiums and at the same time, help wounded servicemen and their families.

Interested clients can log on to’s website and fill out the forms for free online insurance quotes and half of the income generated will be donated by insurance companies to The Wounded Warrior Project, a charitable organization aimed at helping injured American soldiers and their families.

Michael Azzurro,’s CEO, said that the program is a “win-win situation.” He also elaborated on the company’s offers, adding “In a time of penny-pinching, you’ll be helping U.S. veterans and at the same time helping yourself save money. We have the best deals possible and can save consumers a substantial amount of money on their insurance bills.”

The company claims that it is committed to raising awareness and money for members of the armed forces who are severely injured in combat, as well as their families. At the same time, it also said that the insurance company will continue to give clients the opportunity to look for the cheapest available car insurance rates.

The donation program was started by Azzuro just this June to raise funds for wounded soldiers who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. Azzuro is no stranger to the armed forces. His brother-in-law is a former marine sergeant.

“I can’t think of a more honorable thing to do than to help our soldiers. These are some of the best citizens that we have. Many of these wounded soldiers are still on active duty and living on modest means. We’re happy to help make their lives more comfortable with these donations,” says the CEO. is an online portal designed to guide clients find the most suitable and affordable coverage, it claims.

Azzurro also warned clients against hasty judgment calls when selecting coverage policies. “Most people rarely review their car insurance policy,” says Azzurro. “This can lead to overpaying and insufficient insurance coverage in the event of an accident or insurance claim. will help you get the right coverage you need at the lowest price.”