Car Accidents Remain As Teen’s No. 1 Killer


PAL-00045745-001Teenagers who received their driver’s permit or license would probably get a feeling of independence. A feeling of being young and free pumping within their veins. The same feeling that cost thousands of lives of the teenage demography in the United States.

The Unpleasant Numbers: National Highway Traffic Safety Administrated reported that persons in the age range of 16 – 20 years had the highest fatality and injury rates per 100,000 populations. Studies further state that driver inattention is the leading factor in most crashes and near-crashes. The most common distraction for drivers is the use of cellular phones. The risk of a crash or near crash is increased 1.3 times when talking or listening on hand-held devices. Dialing these kinds of devices, on the other hand increase the risk by almost 3 times.

The Parent-Teen-Auto Insurance Connection: Parents play a major role in teenage lives. Auto insurance is another major area which parents and teenagers should not ignore.

These three parties – parents, teenagers and auto insurance – are interrelated in a unique way that could save lives, prevent more injuries and lessen the costs if the accidents occur.

Parents ask the question “is it really necessary for my teenage child to have auto insurance?”

Affirmative, Two of the major reasons why auto insurance is encouraged to parents and their teenage children are: first, to lessen damages or even prevent injuries or death and second, it is required by law.

Auto insurance by the teenager’s could cover the medical expenses for the teenager’s and other people’s (passengers and drivers involved in the collision) injuries. Auto insurance could also cover the damages caused by the car crashes, such as destroyed fence or car damages. The insurance could also make the teenager safe and protected from accidents and high cost damages.

Some states also require driver’s licenses, permits or even cars to be accompanied with auto insurance. Teens have a very high casualty risk rate than adults, making it very critical and highly suggested to provide them auto insurance.

Teenagers should listen to their parents. Though they can raise the “I’m still young and learning” defense for causing damages or getting into accidents, being safe and careful is everyone’s priority.

Teen Safe Driving: No one is that powerful enough to determine when and where a car accident is going to happen. The government have been emphasizing for years about the importance of safe driving. Parents are obviously the one with the roles of doing most of the lecture and the decisions. Though the teenagers are the ones who are going to seat behind the wheel, parents should limit their children’s driving with simple rules and thorough guidance.

Auto insurance reduces the risk and possibility of extensive damage to lives and properties of drivers and other relevant people. But prevention is always the best way to reduce and even remove the possibility of getting in danger and being involved with financial trouble.