Auto Show in Detroit to Highlight New App for Accessing Auto Shows Worldwide


Organizers of Auto Show, Detroit recently announced the promotion of a fantastic new app in the coming month at their show. ‘AUTO SHOW PASSPORT’, the new app is capable of displaying auto shows worldwide. People all over the world are quite aware of the global impact associated with the auto shows. The application is just going to help achieve that by taking the shows on a global scale and give the audience what they truly want.

Those are believe that this kind of apps may completely do away with the auto shows in the coming times however are quite wrong. The virtual plane can never be a replacement to the tangible world. The audience always wants to ‘Kick Tires’ and as such the show will go on in its traditional format but the application will surely open up a new avenue in the future and will enhance the experience.

This is going to be a free application and the users will now be able to download photographs of different vehicles at the major automobile shows for starters. Later on as the acceptability and the reach increases, it will cover as many venues as possible on a global scale. Besides, with the help of the app users can access photos from related events too such as Concours d’Elegance Pebble Beach and other high-profile shows. Whenever fresh photographs remain available at any show, they will be accessible via the application in real time.

Users can click from the gallery presented and see any car presented at the show. There will be a globe present, which the users can spin to reach the destination of their choice by clicking the given map. Even, a filter will be there for specific searches such as those for, ‘green cars’ or something similar. Other options include the garage feature where one can share favorite car photos with friends by keeping the photo in the virtual garage.

Besides the brand-new upcoming app launch, the auto show has a previous app as well, ‘NAIAS app’. This came into being the previous year and is capable of vehicle displays with related information from Auto Show in Detroit. The next auto show is slated to be open to public from Jan 16 to Jan 26, 2014. Naturally, the organizers are hoping that the download of ‘AUTO SHOW PASSPORT’ skyrockets from day one! It presently comes with 3,000 photographs and the organizers want to add 1000 photos to it on an annual basis.