Auto insurance in California gets more affordable


The cost of the California Low Cost Auto Insurance program is all set to witness a drop again, according to the news from the California Department of Auto Insurance. With the rates coming down significantly for the second time over the last few months, almost every driver in California can buy auto insurance coverage without second thoughts. The auto insurance premium for drivers who opt for the California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program varies between $338 and $226, to ensure that good drivers with an impeccable driving record, but a low income, are able to afford insurance coverage for their vehicle which is mandatory in this region.

Explaining this move, Dave Jones, the Commissioner of California has said that the objective is to bring down the number of drivers not carrying a valid insurance policy because of high costs. The low cost of auto insurance currently is bound to attract drivers who have a limited income, but want to have at least the basic auto insurance coverage stipulated by the laws in California.

Though the California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program has brought down the premiums, the amount varies from one county to the other and is susceptible to change annually. An impeccable driving record without any accidents or traffic violations and age of over 19 years are the two major eligibility criteria to qualify for this program. The cost of the vehicle of drivers applying for this program should be under $20000 and they should have held the driver’s license for 36 months continuously without any suspension.

Dave Jones also stated that he was happy with the current move and hopes that it paves way for many more drivers to opt for a valid insurance coverage instead of taking the risk of losing their license due to lack of auto insurance. Thanks to a further drop in the prices, this program is sure to draw the attention of drivers in large numbers. Those who meet the eligibility criteria will also be entitled to liability coverage that ensures all the minimum criteria in the state are met.