Auto Insurance Company Offers Incentives to Policyholders Who Will Use A Call-Blocking Program


Experts frown at the practice of using one’s mobile phone while driving.  There have been a number of studies that point to the danger of one’s attention getting distracted by texting or talking on the phone.  Research revealed that it’s as dangerous if not as dangerous as driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Auto Insurance Company Offers Incentives to Policyholders Who Will Use A Call-Blocking ProgramWhen one is talking on the phone while his other hand is on the wheel, he is putting himself at great risk of figuring in a vehicular accident.  Since one’s attention is divided it is harder to focus on one thing, and driving demands the full attention of the driver.  A mere split second of inattention can result to disastrous consequences.  There have been quite a number of actual cases of collisions resulting from drivers talking or texting on the phone.

In response to disturbing statistics, an enterprising technological solutions company came up with a software program that would help people resist the temptation of using their phones while they’re behind the wheel.  It is a tool designed to keep drivers’ eyes on the road all the time.  The name of the promising downloadable software program is DriveAssist and is manufactured by Aegis Mobility.

It is compatible with most mobile phone models and all one needs to do is to download it to the storage drive of his cell-phone.  DriveAssist utilizes the WiFi and GPRS features of a mobile phone to detect if the owner is busy driving.  If the program sees that the driver is presently occupied manoeuvring his vehicle, then it will disable the text and call receiving function of the phone.

Nationwide Insurance sensing a good opportunity with DriveAssist, is offering policyholders a 5% discount off of their annual premium if they use the program on their phones.

DriveAssist, which is envisioned to be launched to the market next year, has being receiving a lot of favourable response lately from motorists.   Parents especially are looking forward to its introduction in the market saying that their teenage children would benefit a lot from the software program, since people in their age bracket are known to use phones a lot – even while they’re driving.

DriveAssist has not been without its own group of critics and detractors.  Heavy phone users like busy executives and businessmen don’t see any long-term benefit of the program to their lives and careers.  One motorist interviewed who disclosed that his job requires him to be on the road for hours on end stated that talking on the phone makes long drives more bearable.

Apart from Nationwide Insurance, there are a good number of auto insurance companies who too have shown great interest in call-blocking devices and programs.