American Still Struggling despite the changes in Economic Policy


09It has been about two years since the recent recession that caused a lot of suffering to countless of residents of the US. America has shown great progress during this time especially on how they were able to handle the situation. Economically, the American people survived this challenge and are now beginning to recover from this situation. However, many people are still worried about their financial situation in the country.

According to a survey made by Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc about three-fourths of Americans are still worried about their employment and still show signs of struggling. This only shows that most Americans they have not yet fully recovered and are still having difficulty making ends meet. They have also found that this has forced most of the Americans to increase their workload, take money from their savings and retirement funds. The study also showed that most Americans categorize themselves as “moderately stressed” with a few who answered “very” and “extremely” stressed.

It appears according to their study, the recession affected not only their financial situations but also their work relationships. They admitted to be more irritable with their workmates and take more time to finish their work. They also found it necessary to bring home work with them just to finish it. Basically, their overall productivity has decreased as the result of the recession period.

The past two years have greatly changed even the way Americans view their money and how they should go about using it. They have become more aware of the way that they use their money and the quality of the services that they purchase. Gone are the days when the people are satisfied simply with promises especially when it comes to insurance. They better scrutinize policies and are more active looking for better deals that they will get into.

The more active consumer groups show a great improvement in the way the Americans manage their resources. it shows that they are now more participative in the market in which they now actually make sure that they get more value for the money. They now look, negotiate, and ask questions about the transactions that they plan to enter. 

This also affected the auto insurance industry. They (car insurance companies) have got lower overall satisfaction ratings from their customers. it appears that customers are now more discriminating than before. Companies should now begin to realize that the customers have become much more difficult to satisfy. They show that the people have become more difficult to please than before the recession.

There are many studies that show the same result. This is a national phenomenon that has been observed throughout the US. This only shows that the people in the country have become more discriminating judges of quality, service and price. If companies refuse to change the way they view of their customers and fit it to the profile that the customers currently have , they might find it difficult to succeed. The people need to be satisfied and doing this job has become much more difficult.