2012 NY Auto Show – Hybrid concept of 2013 RLX


Until the starting of coming year while the car really arrives in the showrooms, that one percent is terribly hazardous. Until then let us look at what is at hand. Primarily of all, RLX is hybrid. Its official forename is Acura. The Sport hybrid great handling all wheel drive system as well as the guys hope to lure a few more clients this way.

We’re talking about the similar system, which will go on to the NSX super car in three years time. If you do not recall about the system from the previous year’s Tokyo car show, understand that three electric motors usually work with V6 to enhance or power an auto. 2 of them will rule one axis, while the second one will work with the ignition engine for the second axis. The second is paired with seven speed dual clutch transmission. Supremacy for them is delivered by the usual lithium-ion battery packs. This V6 engine work on displace and gasoline 3.5 liters. Jointly with the electric-engine some three hundred and seventy horses are made.

Acura is definitely hoping for the performance level on equality with V8 as well as fuel economy form of thirty mpg on combined cycle. An edition powered completely by V6 will be provided too, in case you’re the most conservative kind. In this case power result is rated as 310 horse power. This edition will get accurate all wheel steering; a system which uses electrically balanced actuators to solely power the steering angles of the left and right rear wheels.

This should assist the handling of car greatly. An auto weight also possess great importance as its weight assists in providing good dynamics, great beneath four thousand pounds. However, we’ve multi link rear suspension, electronic control steering, double wish-bone front suspension as well as active dampers. An auto rests on twenty inch fictitious aluminum wheels, as well as we get 55-35 R20 tires on them. Otherwise, RLX is usually fitted with every thing you probably expect from Acura flagship.