Auto Insurance News Archive for 2009

  • Car insurance rates on the rise in Georgia

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Car insurance rates on the rise in Georgia

    With the economic crunch still keeping a tight hold over Americans’ wallets, insurance rates in the state of Georgia continue to increase significantly. As the effect of the financial crisis on Wall Street trickles down into the different insurance industries, companies are raising their rates this year in Georgia and in other states. And if previous insurance trends take hold, then insurance policies can cost even more once the economy starts to make a recovery. While home insurance costs rose anywhere from 5% to 11% this year according to the Georgia Department of Insurance, hikes in car insurance rates have … (more) June 18, 2009

  • Car Insurers Eyeing Pet Coverage

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Car Insurers Eyeing Pet Coverage

    Apparently, pets deserve the same treatment as their owners, even when it comes to insurance coverage. More and more auto insurance firms are offering coverage for pets involved in car-related accidents. At present, there are four insurers offering up to $1,000 to clients whose pets have sustained injury or worse, died, in car accidents. Pet coverage gained a new boost when a local TV station showed a short news story about a resident who narrowly escaped a watery grave when the woman’s car was rear-ended into a canal. The CBS news crew was able to capture footage of the driver … (more) June 18, 2009