Ways to Save Money on Teen Auto Insurance


Most teens want to start driving as early as possible and this dream is fulfilled on their 16th birthday. Since vehicle insurance is mandatory for all drivers irrespective of their age it is important to get your child a good insurance policy. This article will elaborate on a few ways you can save money on teen auto insurance.

Don’t Gift Your Child Expensive Sports Cars

Your child may want his first car to be trendy, expensive and sleek but it is important to remember that the premium for expensive cars is high. If you want to save money on teen auto insurance then you should consider giving you child that is sturdy, durable and economical. The car that is finally selected by your child should not have unnecessary modifications and it should have necessary modifications like automatic seatbelts or a theft alarm. Necessary modifications can help you save money on teen auto insurance premiums.

Ask Your Child to Learn Driving

Many teenagers learn to drive from their friends or parents but in order to save money on teen auto insurance it is important for your child to be certified by a driving school. Teenagers that learn how to drive under the guidance of a trained professional are more likely to get lower insurance quotes. Some insurance companies provide a discount to teen drivers who learn driving in specific driving schools so you will need to contact the insurer before enrolling your child in a driving school.

Teach Your Child the Importance of Driving Safely

Since people under the age of 25 have to pay a higher premium than older people it is important for your child to have a clean driving record. A good driving record will ensure that your child will get a lower premium on his car when he renews his policy.

Add Your Child to Your Own Auto Insurance Policy

If you have an option then you should add your child to your own policy. The premium paid for add on members is much lesser than the premium you will have to pay for a new policy.

Encourage Your Child to Study Well and Join Clubs

Studying well not only gets your child good marks but it also helps you save money on teen auto insurance. Many insurance companies give a 10% discount to students who get good marks and who have a GP ranking of 3.0 or above. You should encourage your child to join safe clubs since some sorority clubs and car clubs also give discount vouchers to members of their group.

Compare Teen Auto Insurance Policies

Before signing an agreement with any company you will want to research and compare prices with at least 3 companies. By comparing prices you will be able to get better features for a lesser price. You should encourage your child to compare policies and find a good policy for himself. Free quotes for vehicle insurance can be got on the internet and with these free quotes you will get an approximate idea how much you will need to pay for the premium.

Encourage your Child to Take Good Care of his Vehicle
A well serviced and clean vehicle is more likely to get a low insurance quote. By teaching your child to take care of his vehicle you are ensuring that your child learns to be responsible and you save money while renewing the policy the next year.