Using Your Car To Save Money


If you are one of those people who “baby” their cars, then you need to protect it as much as you can. I am sure by now you are already aware how much it is costing you to keep it that way. Insurance companies are known to change insurance rates often and the next time you insure your car could shock you.

There are many factors that could affect how insurance providers calculate your insurance premiums. However, common elements such as driving habits, the type and model of your car and its performance are widely being considered.

With that in mind, here are few tips that you can start right away to eliminate the need for paying overly excessive premiums for your vehicle.

Identify the type of coverage that you will likely need. Doing this will take time and you should able to separate your needs from wants afterwards. If after a while you have determined that the initial polices were insufficient, you can always add additional policies anytime. In this happens, bring up the idea of adding additional coverage to your insurance provider.

Find more ways to reduce the operating costs. Did you know that if you can save $20 a week from your car’s gas consumption, you could save as much as $1,000 a year? You can easily accomplish this by limiting the amount of time you use your car – perhaps taking a bus during weekends. Also, taking care of your car will indirectly save you money by not having to spend much money on repairs.

Drive within the speed limit range. Did you know that speeding up your car requires more fuel to run?  If you are running at 55 miles an hour, you are also saving as much as 20% of your fuel consumption.

If the weather is manageable or not that hot, why not turn car’s air conditioning unit off and save as much as 20% of your fuel.

Rough roads can reduce your car’s fuel efficiency to as much as 30%. If you have a chance to avoid them, then do so. Always use a well-paved road as much as possible.

Remove excess baggage from your car and travel light. Avoid using your car as your storage facility. This could only add up to the weight of your car thereby reducing its fuel efficiency.

When you are driving, do it gently. Avoid hitting the pedals and breaks too quickly because this will only waste your fuel.

If you are stuck in traffic, crawl your car to save gas. Excessive stops and go’s consume more gas and so as accelerating on slopes and hills. The trick is to accelerate when you are approaching a hill and not on the hill itself.

Have your car checked regularly. Be sure the filters are freed from dust to regain proper airflow and oil replaced if needed. Have your car’s alignment checked as well to determine if it is causing an engine drag, which is a great fuel waster.

Fuel efficiency is a great way to save money. Check your car from time to time and determine if you are saving or just wasting.