The secrets to Low Cost Car Insurance


With the current economic condition, and the prices of gasoline inching ever higher and higher, you need to save on everything. Your auto insurance is no exception either. Getting a cheap insurance policy now, has never been so important! In fact, you need to find ways to save money on anything that is related to your vehicle. That isn’t so hard, thankfully. If you’re interested in saving on your auto insurance, read on. You’ll be walked through some simple ways of saving on your auto insurance.

The first rule to saving is to compare. Compare prices, quotes, everything that you may potentially buy. There are plenty of auto insurance companies out there in the market, each offering different rates for the same. And the rates that two companies can quote can differ a lot. So be sure to get at least around 5 to seven quotes from different auto insurance companies before settling for one. That way you’ll get an idea about the cost of the policy that you want, and you’ll be better equipped to make a decision on which company you will want to go with.

There are also plenty of independent agents that operate, when it comes to selling auto insurance, and it is a good idea to find such people and enquire if he would be able to beat the lowest quote you’ve got from a company. Now these agents make money only off their commissions, so he may actually find you a rate lower than the lowest quote you’ve been given

Pay heed when you’re advised to improve on your driving. You may ask how driving can affect the money you save. Well, many are unaware that the best drivers get the cheapest rates when it comes to auto insurance. Maintain a clean chit when it comes to your driving record. Do not violate any rules, and don’t speed. Don’t drive too close to other cars, so you can avoid any accidents. Avoid parking tickets, and if you do get any, pay them on time. In short, you will have to prove to the auto insurance company that you are a safe driver, and you will hence fall into their ‘low risk’ category. People who flout traffic rules and who’ve met with quite a few accidents automatically fall into the ‘high risk’ category which makes them more difficult to insure, and hence they will have to pay more on their policies.

A slightly more complicated way to save is choosing and buying the right vehicle. How would you be able to know if that car you’ve been eyeing will attract a lower insurance rate? Every automobile that is out there in the market is assigned a number or a score by a rating system, which is computed on the basis of its safety, risks, as well as cost. If the value of the number assigned to your vehicle is more, you’ll have to dish out more money for your auto insurance. So before you make purchase any vehicle, always look at its make as well as model number, and whether it is a vehicle that is prone to theft. For example, a 1995 Honda Civic is the car of choice for auto thieves. If your vehicle is equipped with features like GPS, an alarm system, air bags and other safety features, that could drastically bring down the rate of your auto policy too.