Secret Tips to Affordable Driving


Imagine yourself paying expensive auto insurance each year. Think about how much trouble and discomfort it brings to your finances. What if you could change all that and next year, you’ll be paying less premium but still keeping the coverage that you’re enjoying.

Many drivers in the United States are looking for ways to cut the amount of money spent on their insurance coverage. And, since you’re here, allow me to discuss couple of tips about affordable driving. Is this really possible? We’ll find in just a moment.

Finding an affordable insurance is not a rocket science. It’s pretty straightforward and anyone can do it without much difficulty. However, keep in mind that most of these tips do not just magically appear in front of you. In fact, anyone who tells you that you can avail of heavily discounted prices without even lifting a finger is probably lying to you.

Safe Driving – Aside from the possibility of being convicted for drunk driving, most insurance company would raise their premium rates for as much as 20% after the incident. In addition, you could end up losing those value added benefits such as the deductibles.

Grades – If you are a college student under 25 years old, the best way to save money is to use the insurance policy intended for students like you. Also, keep in mind that having good grades (and keeping them at the same time) is a sure-ticket to a reduced auto insurance premium.

Credit Score – All these years, insurance companies are using credit scores to determine how risky a driver is. Notoriously, people who had low credit standings usually are the ones with higher incident rates. Therefore, keeping your credit score all time high will give you the rates you’re eyeing.

Lapse – Lapses happen all the time but if you want to keep manageable insurance rates, don’t let it happen with your insurance policy for whatever reasons. If you do, then expect surging rates in the following years. If you don’t own a car or you just drive occasionally, talk to your insurance agent and convert your coverage into non-driver policy. This usually comes very cheap like $50 a year or so.

Safety Systems – Installing anti-theft devices, for example, demonstrates your own initiative of keeping your unit safe. Insurers will reward you for the money and effort spent in putting up these stuffs by giving you affordable policy rates.

Choice – Certain choices we do in our lives affect our insurance rates particularly those that increases or decreases associated risks. Some of the most common factors involved in the equation are profession, status, pet owner, model of the vehicle, size of the vehicle’s engine, color of the vehicle, your age, etc.

Clubs – Some exclusive auto club members are enjoying discounted rates in their insurance premiums. If you belong to auto or car clubs and do not have such privilege, ask your club officers if they could facilitate similar undertakings.

Take Refresher Course – Refresher courses are quite effective if you’re 55 years old and older. You can enjoy as much as 10% off for enrolling yourself into some of these cheaply priced driving courses.

Auto Pay – If the budget permits, ask your insurance provider if they’re offering premium discounts if you auto pay with your checking account. Most insurers do but not everyone does.