Obtaining the best auto insurance made easy


Get as many quotes as you can 

Auto insurance quotes are free and are the best way of ensuring you get a great deal on your auto insurance premium. Don’t waste time going down to the insurance companies’ office, or calling the customer service; these methods are too time consuming. 

Many people prefer to turn to insurance brokers which can be a good option, but what you need to understand is that insurance brokers work on a commission; and you’re going to be paying that commission out of your pocket as middle-man fees. Your safest bet is the internet, its cheap and free and you can request for quotes sitting right at home. Best of all its lightening fast, in the same amount of time you would have spent calling or going to meet an insurance agent or broker you can request more than 20 quotes online. Make sure to request at least five quotes. 

Learn to read quotes 

You need to be able to understand your quotes to ensure that particular policy is right for you. The most common mistake people make is only comparing the price factor; the price factor is important, but plays second fiddle to the cover provided. Insufficient insurance is almost the same as no insurance and land you in huge financial losses and lawsuits. Compare the cover the company is offering you for the said amount; try and get the most cover you can within your budget. 

If you fall under a high risk category such as teenagers or seniors make sure to approach companies who specifically insure high risk drivers to get the best deal in the market; such insurance companies understand your needs and strive to build an ideal low cost plan for you.

Cover and extent of cover 

You can not rely on hearsay and advice people give you when it comes to your cover and the extent of cover. Analyze your needs, your driving patter and your past driving record to see what cover you would need and what you would not. Always get a separate healthcare policy which will protect you from medical expenses in the event of an accident. 

The extent of cover depends upon the car you drive and your usage,  the extent of cover should be significantly higher than the state minimum and lower than the value of your vehicle in the current market scenario; get your car appraised before taking out an insurance policy to know what it is worth. Never overlap cover; if you’re covered for the same thing by two different policies you still can claim re-imbursement on your bills for only one. 

Understand how your premium is calculated 

Your premium is calculated based on the driver and the vehicle. The age, gender, marital status of the driver can make a huge difference in your premium, which is why most truck owners hire truck drivers with spotless driving records. Certain cars also attract higher premiums, namely sports cars, muscle cars, and large trucks. 


Once you shortlist your top two choices, call the customer service of each company and ask for discounts you could qualify for. Provide details regarding your employment, education, charity work, driving pattern, safety features in your car, your kids’ grades, and even the neighborhood where you stay for they can all get you discounts if they favor the insurance company’s requirements.