New Jersey – Tips for Saving on Car Insurance


New Jersey has some pretty pricey insurance premiums, but the savvy shopper will know how to get the best coverage for the dollar. There are many factors that go into determining the cost of insurance and numerous discounts to be had as well. By tuning into the finer point of car insurance premiums, you can have a positive influence on the bottom line. This article will provide tips for saving on car insurance in New Jersey, so you can enjoy full protection at the best rate.

Know your Risk Factors

There are many risk factors that go into determining car insurance rates. Some you can control, and others you can’t. However, it helps to know what those risk factors are if you want to find the best rate possible. Some factors include your age, gender and marital status. Younger men who are not married are generally seen as some of the highest risk drivers on the road today. Other factors include the area you live, since congested cities are usually seen as higher risk for accidents than rural country areas with a smaller population and fewer drivers.

It probably goes without saying that those with multiple accidents or moving violations are considered high risk. But did you know that a poor credit history could also play badly in your insurance premiums? Other risk factors might include the grades you get in school or the type of profession you are in. By knowing your risk factors, you can shop around for the best rate possible under those circumstances.

Collect the Discounts

Car insurance companies are also notorious for offering discounts to many of their customers. Discounts can be given to certain makes and models of vehicles that are statistically less likely to be involved in a serious accident or receive a moving violation. You can also get discounts for cars that include many safety features like additional air bags or anti-lock brakes. Insurance companies also look favorably on cars with anti-theft devices.

The driver can also qualify for discounts if he has a stellar driving record or drives relatively few miles every week. Long time customers may also be rewarded for their loyalty with discounted rates. Another easy way to qualify for discounts is to purchase multiple policies with the same company, such as combining your auto with your homeowner’s insurance or insuring more than one vehicle with the same company.

Saving on your auto insurance in New Jersey is possible, as long as you know what your risk factors are and how many discounts you qualify for. By keeping this information handy, you will be ready to shop insurance companies to find the best rates and coverage for your unique needs.