New Hampshire – Tips for Saving on Car Insurance


New Hampshire is one of the few states that have not made auto insurance mandatory. A person driving in New Hampshire must ensure that he has enough funds to cover damages in the event of a car accident. He must have proof of these finances with him in the car. These are known as the financial responsibility laws. New Hampshire and Wisconsin are the only two states following these laws. However, it is very common to find drivers in New Hampshire with insurance. Many people prefer this as it gives them a feeling of safety.

If you are looking for an auto insurance policy in New Hampshire, here are some tips to save money. Look around. Do your research. Compare different businesses offering insurances. If you look around long enough, you will find the prefect business for you. Companies offer different schemes for different customers. Find the company offering the right scheme at the right rate for you. Buying the right insurance policy does not mean choose every service the company offers. Plan carefully choosing only the options you really need and find the company that gives you the best deal on these select services.

If you are a home owner, get both the auto insurance and the home insurance together. You are bound to get a discount and save some money. Maintain a clean driving record. Your driving record is a big factor in deciding your premiums. If you maintain a good record, they will charge little and you can save money. Usually, students and under twenty five drivers are charged more. However, if you are a good student with good grades, you can save a lot of money.

Do not make a claim for every small scratch on your car. Try and fix the smaller problems out of your pocket. If you claim for every small dent, you will lose out more than you gain. IF you already have an insurance policy with a company such as life insurance, buy the auto insurance from the same company. They are bound to give you a discount. They also reward loyalty. Stick with one company instead of changing companies and policies frequently. This ensures a discount as well.

Increase the deductibles on your physical damage policies. Physical damage policies include collision and comprehensive damage policies. By increasing the deductibles, you can have very low premiums. You can save money in your household and thus, in emergencies have enough money for the damages. Install anti theft systems and security systems. These systems, will cost much less, when you compare the saving s you make on premiums.

Consider the premium cost when you are shifting your house as well. Shifting to a different location might reduce your premium drastically. Consider this and plan your move. Attend the classes on driver education organised by the DMV. This ensures you get a discount and a good deal on your premiums. Install devices such as air bags and automatic safety belts. Your car being safe means a lower risk for the insurance company and it will reduce the premium.