Massachusetts – Tips for Saving on Car Insurance


Between additional coverage requirements and higher prices overall, Massachusetts can be an expensive state for insuring your vehicles. The good news is that there are many ways to save on car insurance in Massachusetts, simply by knowing how to shop and what to look for in the best deals on car insurance. We’ve got the tips you need to get the coverage you need at the price you want in the Bay State.

Don’t Settle

Many people purchase their car insurance from the first company they talk to, because they assume all car insurance companies are created equal. Not so. With dozens of insurance companies providing coverage to Massachusetts drivers it is much easier to find sufficient coverage at the best price. In fact, some online service will handle the rate comparisons for you. Simply type in your information and the online service will provide quotes from a handful of companies so you can choose the best coverage for your needs and budget. You can also find independent insurance agents who provide a similar type of service, because they work with a number of different companies.

Don’t Buy More than You Need

A common mistake that drivers make is to purchase more coverage than they really need. This usually occurs because the driver did not do his homework before beginning the process, and allowed an insurance coverage to talk him into a bigger policy than necessary. It is important to understand your individual needs and the legal requirements of your state before approaching insurance companies. This includes weighing the cost of smaller deductibles as well as purchasing the minimum requirements by law in certain categories like liability insurance.

Don’t Forget to Ask for Discounts

Drivers often assume that an insurance company will provide all applicable discounts to the insurance policy, but this is also untrue. Companies may offer the obvious discounts for factors like age and a good driving record. But there are many other factors they might take into consideration as well. If you are insuring a student with a high grade point average, make sure the company factors in that information. It is also important to let your agent know if you have perfect credit history, drive short distances as a rule and belong to a particular company or professional organization. By taking charge of potential discounts, you can bring your premiums down much lower than your agent might.

Saving on insurance means taking charge of the process by shopping around for the best rates and letting the company know exactly what you are looking for. It doesn’t take that much time, effort or knowledge to enjoy significant savings on your auto insurance coverage.