Lowering Teen Auto Insurance Premiums


Parents often hesitate to get their children cars since they are worried about their teen’s safety. Parents are also worried about the amount they will have to pay to insure teens since teen auto insurance is more expensive that adult vehicle insurance. This article is going to elaborate on a few ways you can lower teen auto insurance quotes and get cheaper premiums for your child. 

Encourage Your Child to Drive Responsibly 

Auto insurance companies charge teens a higher premium since teens are more likely to get into accidents. The best way to ensure that you’re teen gets a low quote and remains safe while on the road is to encourage him or her to drive responsibly. You should ask your teen to drive at a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour and you should also encourage him to wear a safety belt at all times. 

Parents should also explain to their children the effect of alcohol while driving and they should encourage their children to drive sober. Another way to lower auto insurance premium is to get your child the right liability covers and ask your child to limit the number of passengers in his car. Many states have nighttime driving laws for teens since statistics prove that teens are more likely to get into accidents between 9 pm and 6 am. You should encourage your child to drive safely in the day and ask him or her not to take out the car after 9 pm.

 Encourage Your Child to Study Well and become a member of Clubs 

Many auto insurance companies encourage teen drivers to study well by giving them a 10 – 20% average if they get a B average or a higher grade. Some auto insurance companies also give significant discounts to teens that are part of auto clubs, other clubs and sorority groups. Joining these groups not only helps you get a lower insurance quote but it also helps your child develop and grow as an individual. 

Buy an Affordable Car for Your Child 

Teenagers who are going to start driving often insist that their first car has to be trendy and expensive. Parents who give into their children’s wants and get them a sports car not only pay a large sum for the car but they also pay a large sum for teen insurance. Teenagers should be made to understand that expensive cars not only cost a lot of money but they also bump up the insurance costs significantly. Teenagers should also be made to understand that an necessary modifications on their cars will increase the premium significantly where as necessary modifications like automatic seatbelts or theft alarms will reduce the insurance premium. 

Ask your Teen to Opt for Driving Classes 

Many vehicle insurance companies give discounts to teenagers who have learned driving through professional driving schools. By enrolling your teen in the driver safety course or the defensive driver course you can save money on car insurance since many insurance companies recognize these courses. Before enrolling your child in one of these courses you should contact the DMV and find out the authorized training centers so that you get a discount and your teen learns how to drive safely while he is alone or with his friends on the road.