Keep your auto insurance rates down by preventing auto theft


Auto insurance rates depend on a number of factors. The prime factor is the frequency with which you file claims for reimbursement. If you keep on filing for claims, your auto insurance rates will obviously go up. So how do you avoid filing for claims?

The only way is to avoid getting into accidents or preventing auto theft. In this article, we shall discuss ways to avoid auto theft.

The best way to prevent thefts is to discourage the thief before the theft even happens. Try to make the thief believe that there is not much to be gained from robbing your vehicle. Hide your valuables inside the car. Do not keep them out in the open on the seat or the dashboard. Use the glove-box or other cubby holes to stash your valuables.

And also remember to put your luggage in the trunk. No matter how big or small your bags are, it is always safer to keep them in the trunk of your car. The trunk is much more difficult to break into when compared to your doors or windows. And without being able to see what exactly is inside the trunk will act as a deterrent enough to discourage the thief from robbing your vehicle.

Try to avoid driving flashy cars. This is more of a personal choice, but do give it a thought. But it is also true that not all flashy cars are targeted. In fact, a few high end cars like the Mercedes marquee will rarely be targeted considering that they are known for their high tech security features.

In fact, statistics from the national crime information centre show that the most targeted cars are Hondas from the early and late 90’s. Hondas have very good engines and power trains which result in a very long life. These components outlast the other accessories like the seat, electronics and suspension etc. as a result, there is a huge demand for these spare parts. And also, the spare parts are not easily available in America, as there is a huge waiting list for them. And they have to be shipped all the way from Japan in order to replenish the stock. Hence the spare parts command a large price in the market. A full parts set for a Honda would cost anywhere beyond 12000$, though the car itself might cost just a few thousand dollars.

As mentioned before, go for cheap visual deterrents which will make the thief go away. There are a lot of security stickers that are available in the market. These stickers will proudly display the fact that your car is equipped with certain safety features.

Also, if you can afford it; its better to go in for the security features which will prevent theft. This could include an engine immobilizer, a steering lock, an alarm, a GPS tracker etc. many of these features come standard in a lot of modern mid segment cars also. And it is worth the cost if you live in a city known for its crime. One theft can send your auto insurance rates through the sky. And this is not really a good idea given the current economic scenario.

The idea is to make sure that your car is safe when at the same time you do not end up spending too much on the security features.