Is There Really A Cheap Insurance Coverage For Young People?


There is no excuse, teen drivers (particularly the males) aged 25 and under are likely to experience auto accidents than any other age group, which is why most young drivers are going to be slapped with expensive insurance premium rates.

There is a healthy competition between auto insurance companies these days, which makes it even easier to find better deals than it used to be. For instance, the use of comparison websites wherein you get multiple quotes from different auto insurance companies is just a snap.

Find cheap auto insurance coverage by shopping around

Perhaps the best place to start looking for a cheap insurance is your existing insurer. If you are with the huge insurers such as Pemco or Geico, which carries multiple lines of insurance products, they are mostly likely to offer discounts for people who insure more than one vehicle into them. Most of them have these so-called “multi-vehicle” reductions or discounts that extend to boats and aircraft, if you have one of those.

Almost all insurance companies today have setup their own websites where tools are enabled to provide you with instant results by just entering few details. This means that finding a cheap insurance for teen drivers would just be a matter of minutes. You can also use comparison websites, as discussed above, that could provide you with multiple insurance quotes from different insurers using a single form – no need to logon to individual websites just to get their quote.

Another option would be is to talk to independent insurance agents to get the cheapest car insurance for teen drivers. Independent agents work for several companies, which enables them to determine which insurer offers the best rates.

Oh Wait, Your vehicle

Perhaps one of the best ways to get a cheap auto insurance coverage for teen drivers is the vehicle itself. If your teen driver is driving that sleek two-seater sexy sports car, then be ready to pay expensive premiums for that – this holds true for adult drivers as well. SUV’s are considered safe but still there is the possibility of paying expensive premiums because of the potential damages it brings during an accident.

So what is left is the plain four-door sedan – not classy, not glamorous but definitely considered as the safest vehicle for years, and therefore entitles you for a less expensive insurance. 

Honesty is still the best policy

Many parents in the U.S. register their sons and daughters as their second driver, when in reality, their child is the primary driver of the vehicle. This is called “fronting” and this is a bad idea for a few reasons. First, this is considered as an insurance fraud and it is punishable by law where you can be indicted; second, if your child is involved in a car accident and the truth comes out, your insurance provider may legally disallow any claims from you leaving you empty handed and solely responsible for all the expenses suffered.

While this trick seems to work to get your cheapest insurance, this could lead you to a whole lot of potential troubles when you are caught.