Indiana – Tips for Saving on Car Insurance


When you apply for car insurance in Indiana, you would be faced with two types of factors, the ones that you could not change and the ones that you could definitely change. Understanding them properly would help you save considerably on your car insurance. A few tips for saving on car insurance in Indiana are presented here for your benefit.

Factors that you could not change are age, gender, past driving violations, previous accident claims, and occupation. Certain other factors like marital status, your geographic area of living, the type of car that you drive, and your credit rating could be changed, even though these things might take time and effort. Let us explore the possibility of saving on car insurance by analyzing these factors briefly.

Age plays a crucial role in the car insurance premiums. Persons below the age of 25 are considered as irresponsible and reckless drivers, who tend to drive at high speeds and take more risks on the road. Hence, if you are below 25 or if you include persons under 25 in your household in the policy, the insurance company would definitely increase the car insurance rates. Still, if you could prove to the insurance company that the persons under 25 included in the policy had been responsible drivers in the past, you would be able to save considerably on the car insurance.

Since the driving histories of the past 3 to 5 years of all the persons listed in the car insurance policy are closely scrutinized by the insurance companies, you should include only those persons who have better driving records. Any person with a bad driving history should be excluded for obtaining lower car insurance premiums. You could ask that person to drive more carefully and improve the driving record before including that person in the policy.

Similarly, you might have been involved in accidents in the past but you might not be at fault in all or many of them. You should produce the relevant records proving your innocence to the insurance company and you would be able to save substantially on the car insurance. Attaching the related accident records and documents would be appreciated by the insurance company.

One of the most important factors that decide the car insurance premium is the type of car and the equipments installed in the vehicle. A cheaper model car would mean that the repair or replacement costs would be much lower and the premium would also be less. If you have a high value car, the insurance company would know that the repair costs in case of an accident would be quite high. Further, if the car is totaled in an accident or stolen, the replacement cost would also be very high. Hence, the insurance company would charge you a heavy premium for your car insurance.

Similarly, the installation of safety and security devices such as seat belts, air bags, burglar alarms, anti-theft devices, etc. would influence the insurance company to conclude that you care about the safety of yourself and other passengers in the car. The insurance premium would be lowered accordingly, after the insurance company inspects your car and notices the installation of such devices.