Five great tips to save on your auto insurance


You’ve got a car and a license, and now you need auto insurance to be able to drive! Auto insurance is required in most states and indeed most countries, so it is something you must have, at least to a minimum degree. Whether this is your first time driving or if you’ve been driving since the 60’s, you will undoubtedly have some questions on how to get a really good price for your auto insurance. Here are some great tips to help you with getting started to find affordable auto insurance.

Do your research

Don’t rush into anything. This is a large financial decision that could greatly impact the financial stability of you or your family in the case of an accident. Make sure the company you chose proven to be reliable and has good customer reviews. This is not the type of thing you want to put in the hands of a sketchy source just because they are cheaper.

Shop Around

 There are a lot of auto insurance companies out there. All of them promise that they are the best and are able to save you hundreds of dollars a year in premium costs and give you more benefits then any other companies. Don’t just trust a flashy ad on the television, go online and search up the companies you are interested in. Often times you will be able to compare companies side by side to see who will indeed give you the best deal and benefits for YOUR particular situation.

Price Match

If you find a company you really like, but they cost more then the others you saw, call them up and ask them if they are willing to price match or maybe they will even give you a better price on your auto insurance to get you as a customer! Just be respectful and understanding as not all companies will do this for you.

Drive Safely

It’s obvious, but if you have a spotty driving record, insurance companies will think twice about giving you insurance and if they do give you auto insurance coverage it will not come at a cheap price. The more accidents you have been involved in, the more they are going to charge you. If you get insurance and then get into an accident, expect your premiums to go up, way up the next time you want one. So, keep a good driving record and avoid getting into any accidents, especially ones that are your fault!


Having a reliable vehicle that isn’t worst for wear is a good idea. It’s not just the vehicle’s age that is a factor, but its condition and accident history. If you car has been in a number of accidents and your constantly having to get it fixed or find replacement parts, an auto insurance company may think its better to give you the value of the vehicle rather then pay you to get it fixed, for if your vehicle isn’t reliable it may actually not be worth as much as the repair costs.

So there you go! These are just five great tips to consider for saving some cash while finding good quality auto insurance coverage. If you need more information on other ways to save, you should contact your local auto insurance offices to see if they have any other tidbits of information, which will be of further assistance to you.