Five Car Tips that Can Reduce Your Auto Insurance


It is common knowledge that the condition of your car will decide the amount of premium you pay since the current condition of your car will help the auto insurance company decide if your car is likely to break down and cause an accident. This article will elaborate on 5 car maintenance tips that will ensure that you get low quotes on auto insurance

Get the Right Modifications 

Most people think that modifications will cause their auto insurance premium to increase but this is not entirely true. Modifications that enhance the looks of the car or boost the performance of the car significantly will definitely cause your vehicle insurance premium to increase but modifications that increase your safety or the safety of your car can in fact reduce vehicle insurance rates. Modifications such as spiked tires, extra large tires or extra bright lights may cause you to pay a high premium but modifications like a safety alarm or automatic seatbelts will cause your premium to drop. 

Know when to Change the Oil 

Changing the oil less than once in three months can cause damage to your car’s engine which will definitely hurt your pocket and increase your premium but changing the oil more than once in 3 months will hurt your pocket. You should determine how often you need to change the oil in your car by assessing factors like the approximate miles every month, the approximate speed every month and the type of oil you use. By changing the oil when required and by using better quality oils you will be reducing the chance of engine damage along with increasing the chance of a lower premium. 

Change Tires Periodically 

Not many people know that the adjuster sent by auto insurance checks various things before cutting a check after an accident and one of the thing adjusters check is the condition of your tires. Tires have treading that wears off after a while that causes the car to slid which in turn causes accidents. By changing your tires periodically you will be reducing chances of an accident and you will be increasing your chances of getting a lower premium. 

Monitor Tire Pressure 

Low pressure in the tire can cause flats along with other problems and by monitoring the tire pressure with a tire gauge you will be reducing problems related to low pressure in the tires. 

Cleaning the Interiors and Exteriors of Your Car 

A well cleaned car is often perceived as a well maintained car since car owners that take care of the looks of the car are more likely to take care of the engine and other mechanic parts. Auto insurance companies usually quote lower premiums to car owners who have clean looking cars. Before the adjuster comes to your home to give you a quote you should clean the exteriors of your car, clean the interiors such as seats, foot mat, ash tray and you should also get your car services. During the servicing you should get the spark plugs serviced, get the oil replaced, check the engine for problems and check if the emission is as per the regulations. If your car emits a lot of pollution then chances are that you will be charged a high premium or your car may not be insured at all.