Easy Ways to Save on Auto Insurance


Due to the tough economy everyone wants to know how to save money on things like insurance and shopping. Saving money on auto insurance is easy if you are ready to do a few things. This article will elaborate on a few easy ways you can save money on auto insurance. 

Get Discounts on Auto Insurance 

There are many ways you can get discount on auto insurance but the best ways to get discount include signing up for defensive driving classes, owning a safe car, installing necessary modifications and opting for one insurance company. People who are under 21 or above 55 are eligible for substantial discounts if they sign up for DGV approved defensive driving classes. Many insurance companies give discounts to car owners who drive a certified safe car and they also give discounts to people who have installed modifications like car theft alarm or automatic seatbelts. By insuring all your cars from a single insurance company you can also save money on vehicle insurance. 

Drive Safely 

Driving safely not only prevents you from paying fines for tickets but it also ensures that you pay low premiums. People who drive rashly get into accidents or have many driving tickets end up paying a higher premium compared to safe drivers. While driving you should try to stay in your lane, not talk on the phone, not use your phone for texting and you should stay within the speed limit. Driving fast may seem adventurous to many people but the fact is that driving fast or rashly ends up being expensive. 

Compare Quotes 

Before choosing an auto insurance company you should shop around and consider at least 3 insurance quotes. Through the internet you can get free quotes and multiple quotes. You can also compare free quotes through tools on websites and then decide which insurance company is ideal for you. By signing up for the first company that gives you a quote you will not know the other possible deals that may be applicable to you. 

Get Minimum Cover for Old Cars 

Comprehensive cover and collision cover are helpful policies but they are not meant for old cars. When a car is totaled the insurance company decides the value of your car by taking in factors like the age of your car, the condition of your car and how many miles your car has been on the road. Chances are that you will get a really less amount for your old car since insurance companies do not follow standard guides like Kelly Blue Book. If you have a new car or a car that is not older than 3 years then you should definitely opt for collision cover and comprehensive cover since these policies can protect your car. 

Buy a Cheap Car

Most people who buy 2 door cars and sports cars do not realize that insurance premiums for expensive cars are a lot. If you are planning to buy a new car then you should consider getting a good car that is affordable and had good mileage. Modifying your car to add extra bright lights, a new body or any other attractive modifications will cause your insurance premium to sky rocket. Adding automatic seatbelts or a theft alarm on the other hand will cause your premium to drop.