Best Tips for Cheap Teen Auto Insurance


Most parents dread the day their teenage child starts driving mainly because they are worried for the safety of their child but the fact that teen auto insurance costs a lot also scares most parents. Teen auto insurance is not cheap since vehicle insurance companies believe that teen drivers are not safe drivers. This article will elaborate on a few ways you can get cheap auto insurance for your precious child.   

Emphasize the Importance of Safe Driving 

Driving safely not only protects your child from accidents on the road but it also ensures that his driving record stays clean. Since the driving record of a teenager is one of the main factors used to determine the premium by insurance companies a clean driving record can help your child get a lower quote when he renews his license. Safe driving includes but is not limited to paying attention to the road, not using the cell phone to chat or text while driving, driving sober or without using drugs and driving within the speed limit. If you are not opting for a higher limit on bodily injury liability then you should ask your child to drive with minimum passengers so that if an accident occurs he will not be liable to pay for damages. 

Choose an Affordable and Safe Vehicle 

Teenagers often want their first car to be the coolest car in town but it is important to explain to your teen that premiums for cool cars cost a lot. Auto insurance companies charge a higher premium for expensive cars such as 2 door cars or sports cars since finding genuine replacement parts costs a lot of money. You should encourage your child to choose an affordable car that has safety features rather than buying him an expensive car since insurance companies will offer your teen a lower quote for affordable cars with safety features. You may also want to explain to your child that added modifications that enhance the looks of the car will increase the premium and safety modifications like theft alarm, air bags or automatic seatbelts will reduce the premium. 

Opt for Teen Discounts 

Teen are offered various discounts by auto insurance companies provided they do a few things. Many vehicle insurance companies offer up to a 20% discount to teens who get a B average or better grades and some insurance companies give teen’s discounts for joining clubs and groups. By completing a defensive driving course from a DMV authorized driving school your teen can get an additional discount. 

Get the Right Policy 

Instead of adding your teen to your own auto insurance policy you should consider getting a standalone policy for your child from an agent. A stand alone policy is meant for teens that have their own driving license and authorized agents are allowed to issue these policies. Another option is to make your teen the primary car driver on your oldest or cheapest car’s policy instead of adding him to your own policy. If you are making your teen the primary driver then you should ensure that the car insured is not very expensive or new and you should choose a lower limit on comprehensive cover and collision cover since skimming on these two covers can save you a significant amount of money on insurance premium.