Auto insurance if you have a high risk vehicle


Are you in the high risk bracket?  

Did you just buy that spanking new sports car that you’ve been eyeing all this while? And then later find that it was going to neatly take a large bite out of your bank statement to just insure it? Well, you can take comfort in the knowing the fact that you’re not the only one. There are plenty of others just like you. It doesn’t matter if you have a sparkling clean driving record; you will still fall into the ‘high risk’ bracket, only because of your vehicle. 

Auto insurance rates are ever rising and it definitely doesn’t seem fair to the consumer, especially if you own a sports car and what’s worse, there seems to be no getting out of the sticky situation. However, you can still manage to considerably lower your premiums if you keep a few things in mind, and get adequate coverage for your vehicle. 

Approach a company that specializes in high risk vehicle insurance 

There definitely is no dearth of auto insurance companies out there, but if you own a sports car, make sure you approach a company that specializes in insuring high risk vehicles. Such companies organize special packages such that you are able to save a couple of hundred dollars or so every month on your premiums, so be sure this is the kind of package that you pick. It may seem a little tricky to search for such companies, but with the help of the internet, anything and everything is possible these days. You can search for quotes online, usually free, and then compare the rates and what each package offers. Take quotes from at least 5 different sites. After you compare them, you will be in a position to assess which company you should go with, as well as the kind of package you can pick up. 

Clubs and organizations 

There are plenty of organizations and clubs for sports car drivers; try and become a member of them. Members of prominent organizations are usually offered attractive offers, schemes and discounts by a number of auto insurance companies, with each provider offering competitive packages as compared to the other. You can take your pick from any of them based on which provider offers you the optimum coverage at most affordable prices. In some cases, a labor organization or an employee group will also be recognized by auto insurance companies. Find out this information from your auto insurance company when getting a quote from them for your car. Being a loyal customer and owning the credit card of a prominent bank could also get you some surprising discounts and offers. Be sure to inquire with your bank before you approach the auto insurance providers. 


Many people are under the impression that the price quoted by the insurance company is the last, and that they have to pay that amount. Do not shy away from asking for a discount. Most auto insurance companies do offer discounts to customers based on multiple criteria. Most of the time they do not reveal those discounts until the customer asks for it. You may have very high chances of qualifying for a discount, so be sure to ask the insurer; you will be able to save a lot of money.