Auto Insurance for Teens with emptying your wallet


Teenagers often wait to turn 16 so that they can drive their first car but most teenagers do not understand that teen auto insurance is expensive. Parents often struggle to tell their children that driving a car is an expensive affair since auto insurance for teens usually costs a lot. This article will help you understand ways you can reduce the amount of vehicle insurance you pay for your teen’s car every year. 

Compare Quotes and Get Multiple Quotes 

Most parents feel that auto insurance companies do not want to insure teen drivers hence they opt for the first quote they get. While shopping for vehicle insurance for your teen you need to understand that the only reason insurance companies charge a high premium is because teens are risky drivers. The easiest way to get cheap auto insurance for your teenage child is to take your time and to get multiple quotes before committing to one company. There are numerous insurance companies that will be happy to insure your teenager if he is a good candidate. 

Encourage Your Child to Be Responsible on the Road 

Teens are perceived as risky drivers since they often drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs. If you encourage your child to drive responsibly without consuming alcohol and drugs then chances are that the next time he renews his auto insurance policy he will be offered a cheaper quote. You should also explain to your child the dangers of talking o the phone or texting while he is on the road. You should encourage your teen to drive with few passengers since by driving with too many passengers he will most likely get distracted. By driving safely and responsibly your teen will not only save his life but he will also save money on insurance. 

Get the Right Car 

Most teenagers who turn 16 do not realize that by asking their parents for expensive cars they are causing a lot of financial damage to their parents. Expensive cars such as convertibles, sports cars and 2 door cars look extremely attractive but auto insurance companies charge a high premium for these cars. The reason that these cars are insured at a higher rate is because finding genuine spare parts for expensive cars works out to be an expensive deal for insurance companies. You should encourage your child to buy an affordable car that has two or more safety features so that he can be safe on the road and you can afford insurance for your teen.

 Opt for Teen Discounts 

Auto insurance companies usually give discounts to teen drivers provided they do certain things. Before applying for teen insurance you should first research about the various discounts applicable to teen drivers. All most all insurance companies give discounts to teens that opt for defensive driving classes that are registered through the DMV. Majority of the insurance companies also give substantial discounts to teen drivers that get good grades. In order to qualify for 10 – 20% discount teen drivers need to get a B average at school. Teen drivers are also offered lucrative deals if they join clubs or groups that may or may not be related to cars. Teens that drive safely and clock a low mileage are also offered various discounts.