Arizona – Tips for Saving on Car Insurance


Arizona is known for having some of the highest car insurance rates in the country. To ensure you are not paying too much in premiums, it helps to know how and when car insurance companies will offer discounts. We have the tips you need to save some serious money on your car insurance in Arizona without sacrificing coverage in the process.

Shop Around

It pays to shop around for your car insurance, especially with so many companies competing for your business. Companies can vary both in the premiums they charge and the discounts they offer. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples by inquiring about rates for similar deductibles. It also pays to find out just how many discounts you might qualify for with each individual company.

Go for Multiple Policies

Many insurance companies will offer discounts if you take out a policy on multiple vehicles. You can also save by purchasing home and auto insurance from the same company. If you need more than one type of coverage, make sure you cover this point when you are shopping rates. Companies vary in the types of multiple policy discounts they offer.

Ask about Group Discounts

If you are employed by a particular company or a member of a certain organization, you may qualify for car insurance discounts with some companies. The first place to find out about this type of discount is with your employer. However, you can also ask insurance companies if they have any special deals available for businesses or professional organizations.

Keep your Record Clean

This goes for your credit history as well as your driving record. Some insurance companies view people with poor credit as higher risk for car insurance as well. If the insurance company doesn’t ask about your driving record or credit history when providing you with quotes, make sure you ask about potential discounts.

Go Low

If you don’t drive that many miles each week, it is also a good idea to ask about low mileage discounts. This also applies to those who use public transportation or a carpool to get to and from the office every day. Ask an insurance company what they consider low mileage and see if your driving habits qualify for a discount.

Arizona insurance rates might be on the high side, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for your car insurance. By using some shopping savvy when hunting for the best deal, you can save some money without sacrificing coverage. These tips will help you drive safely in Arizona for a lot less cash.