A few secrets which can help you save on auto insurance


Why change insurance companies 

There is a very good chance that as you are reading this article your insurance company is making a truck load of money off you because you have the wrong policy or you are paying too much for the policy you need.

Reviewing your auto insurance policy could mean increased savings with the same cover for a lower price, or better cover for the same price. Shopping for insurance is believed to be time consuming and troublesome; however this is not even remotely true. All it takes is fifteen minutes of your time to understand your needs and then an hour to request quotes, and sign up for an insurance policy which will help you save money or at least add value to your existing cover to say the least. 

The internet 

The internet is soon becoming a means to carry out any sort of action or transaction. From making phone calls over the internet to buying insurance, you can do it all from the comfort of your home. The internet has revolutionized the way auto insurance works and brought about great improvements in price and features for the consumer. More an more people are realizing how easy it to make the internet work for you and give you ready processed information about how much you can save if you change your provider; best of all this entire process takes no more than twenty minutes and costs nothing. There are no stings attached and you don’t need to worry about any up selling techniques where you are convinced to buy something you don’t need, the icing on the cake is that the quotes are non obligatory. 

A five step program to success in finding savings 

  1. Keep your drivers record clean:  A bad driver’s record literally means higher premiums towards your insurance policy 
  2. Adjust your coverage to assume more risk: Do this only if you are a safe driver and haven’t met with an accident in over five years. 
  3. Try and qualify for and request discounts: Insurance companies offer discounts based on various factors, however they aren’t fanatical about saving you money and will not tell you about these discounts until you ask them for details. 
  4. Drive a low profile car: That cool red sports car you have always had your eyes on can cost you more than $1000 in insurance bills as compared to a low profile, and remember that is $1000 a year. 
  5. Shop for insurance: No matter how good your insurance policy is, there is in all probability at least one policy if not quite a few policies which can be beneficial for you. 


Low risk occupations: Contrary to what its name suggests this discount has nothing to do with the risk factor at your job, but the risk factor that people of your occupation tend to be to the insurance company. Doctors, engineers and teachers tend to be more mature people and also far more defensive when driving on the road as compared to say someone who holds a blue collar job. 

Safety and anti theft features: Safety and anti theft systems decrease the chances of your vehicle being stolen or you meeting with an accident in which you get injured. These steps you take translate to a lower risk and push you into a lower risk category which in turn attracts a discount.