5 Tips to Get a Low Auto Insurance Quote


Auto insurance protects you from paying large amounts when your vehicle is damaged and insurance also protects you from being sued if you have the right liability. In return for the protection and services offered by insurance companies you are asked to pay a premium every year that is calculated using a number of factors. The following paragraphs will elaborate on 5 tips that will help you get a low auto insurance quote.

Research Before Signing Up

Comparing prices and benefits with 3 or more insurance companies will definitely help you get a low auto insurance quote. Comparing benefits with prices allows you to understand which insurer is better in terms of cost and features. People who compare prices before signing up have saved a significant amount on premiums since they found the right company who provides maximum benefits for minimum costs. Researching also helps you understand which scheme is good for you and if you need any extra features.

Opt for Additional Vehicle Insurance Covers

Opting for additional liabilities like bodily injury liability, uninsured motorist liability and property damage liability can help you get a low auto insurance quote. These liabilities protect you from paying additional charges during a crisis and some of these covers also pay for legal charges if someone decides to sue you. Many insurance companies give lower quotes to people who have the right covers and depending on the state you live in one or more of these covers may be mandatory.

Study well and Drive Safely

Many vehicle insurance companies give discounts to students who have good grades and depending on your grades you can save up to 30% on your annual premium. People who follow the law and do not commit traffic violations are also offered a low auto insurance quote since these people are less likely to get into an accident. Driving slowly and under 30 miles per hour can also help you pay a low premium every year. People who have unpaid traffic tickets and a lot of violations should make an attempt to drive safely and clear up the traffic tickets legally so that they can pay a lower amount on premiums every year.

Get the Right Vehicle Modifications Installed

Vehicles that have automatic seatbelts, sturdy baby car holders and automatic seatbelts are more likely to get a low auto insurance quote. Cars that have been certified safe by the relevant authorities also get a low quote. Vehicles that have unnecessary modifications like extra bright lights, spiked wheels, modified tires, raised bumpers or altered bodies are asked to pay a high premium since these modifications affect the performance of the car.

Service Your Vehicle Regularly and Keep It Clean

Auto insurance companies are more likely to offer you a lower premium if your vehicle is serviced regularly. Serviced vehicles are insured for a lower premium since these vehicles are less likely to break down or have unexpected problems. Before the adjuster comes to your house to take a look at your vehicle you should clean the exteriors and interiors well since a car that looks clean often looks well taken care of. You should make it a point to get the spark plugs oiled when your car is being serviced and you should use engine oils that increase the life of your car.