10 useful and pragmatic tips to save on car insurance


Saving on car insurance doesn’t begin or end at finding a cheap insurance. Saving on car insurance is an ongoing process that starts from the first day you drive your own vehicle, after you get your license. Here are some practical tips on what to do, to ensure that you get the best rates in town.

Guard your driving record

Keep your driving record free of any accidents, traffic violations and speeding tickets. A clean driving record gives the impression of a careful driver and insurance companies love such car owners.

Avoid claims as much as possible

True, insurance is for coverage. However, you will often save more on your premiums by not claiming for minor repairs than you would save through insurance claims. As you make claims, your premiums go higher automatically, as insurance companies will perceive you as someone who might be involved in frequent accidents.

Drive less

Keep your mileage as low as possible. The lower your mileage, the lower is the probability of your being involved in an accident. Hence, insurance companies will favour you, by offering lower premiums.

Club your insurance

Combining your house insurance and car insurance or the insurance policies of family members will make you a preferred customer. This will lower your premiums and open the doors to better service.

Maintain good credit history

The better your credit history, the more creditworthy you are and also the more responsible you are perceived to be.

Get good grades in college

Even teens, who are considered to be risky drivers, as far as road accidents are concerned, can get discounts on their auto insurance premium by getting good grades in college.

Get driving certification

There are plenty of driving schools as well as online tutorials. By spending a few hours, you will not only learn tips on responsible driving, but also get a certification. This will help you get a lower premium as you are considered to be well-versed with driving on the roads.

Installing gadgets

Unless you are against such intrusion, you can sign in for insurance policies which offer discounts to those car owners, who agree to get devices installed in their car. These devices monitor the mileage and also driving patterns of the individual, thus determining if he is safe or risky.

Shop around

It is always a good idea to shop around for the best possible rates available in the market. Blindly renewing your policy will cost you a lot of extra money, especially if you have had a good year without any accidents.

Get rid of the extras

The cost of your insurance goes up because of other factors too. Extras like rental car charges when your own car is undergoing repair after accident, roadside assistance, etc. can be excluded if you are not sure, you would need them at any point of time. Sometimes, additional features on an insurance, apart from the expected liability insurance and the imperative comprehensive and collision insurance could increase your costs.