Student drivers – premium rates to suit the budget


Teen and student drivers sure enjoy buying their first cars, but it is harder to shop around for insurance policies that offer enough coverage and still are affordable for students. They have to carefully plan out their expenses to accommodate the premium rates, since teen drivers have to pay higher premium rates than the other drivers. Since teen drivers are statistically shown to be risky drivers on roads, insurance companies usually fix a higher premium rates until they become experienced drivers. Since it takes time to establish a clean driving record and gain experience driving, teen drivers must find out other ways to get discounts on premium rates.

Teen drivers can choose to drive safer cars instead of choosing fancy models and sports cars. Insurance companies give special discounts to drivers who drive cars that are considered to be safe according to insurance companies.  Safer cars are known to have lesser accidents on the road by statistics of recent years. Hence, when the drivers opt for those cars, they naturally become less risky drivers on the roads. Installing the cars with safety equipment like auto locking seat belts, airbags and others that can make the car more secure, will help in reducing the premium rates. Driving high speed sports cars will only add up to the already high premium rates, hence they are best avoided.

Teen drivers can benefit greatly by enrolling onto insurance policies with their family members. They can be on the add-on policies with other members of the family so that their premium rates are low. It is a great way to pay fewer premiums, get all the coverage wanted, and gain driving experience. Teen and student drivers can benefit by driving lesser and conforming to mileage limits set by the insurance companies. Driving less gets more discounts since driving less means lesser chances of accidents. Student drivers can also get good discounts for maintaining good grades academically. Some insurance companies give bonus discounts for student drivers who are constantly maintaining good grades in their universities. Enquiring whether the company has such an offer before enrolling is better, since every little discount available makes a lot of difference.

Student drivers can take defensive driving lessons in order to make up for the inexperience in driving. Defensive driving lessons prepare the drivers to make better decisions in confusing situations, and avoid accidents efficiently. Defensive driving lessons teach young drivers not only to drive better but also to avoid other driver’s mistakes on roads. This is a good idea since teen drivers learn to drive better with experience and the instinct to avoid mistakes comes with experience. Producing a certificate of completion of defensive driving lessons can get good discounts in monthly premium rates. Paying for premiums may be difficult at first, but having necessary coverage especially when learning to drive is very necessary for young drivers. It offers necessary protection in any unforeseen circumstances and relieves the additional burden of paying for damages to the car. Minimizing the premium by other means without giving up on required policy is necessary for all young drivers.