Iowa – Factors that Affect Auto Insurance Rates


Auto insurance is never a simple affair in Iowa or any other state in US. Lots of factors are involved in the quotes offered by auto insurance companies and the quotes could vary widely from one company to another due to their individual assessment about the risks involved with your driving. Since perceptions always differ, you should be able to understand the factors that affect insurance rates in Iowa. Certain factors could be changed by you and certain other factors remain constant and could never be changed. 

Factors in Auto Insurance that Could Not Be Changed 

Age is a factor that could not be changed. If persons under the age of 25 are included in your auto insurance policy, the insurance company would hike up your auto premium substantially. This is because persons below 25 had been found to be rash and reckless drivers, taking more risks and over speeding. National statistics prove that more accidents occur in US due to drivers below the age of 25. People between the age of 50 and 65 are considered the safest drivers, while people in the age group of 25 to 50 are considered as moderately safe drivers. 

Likewise, persons with a spouse are held as more responsible in driving than single individuals. Ladies are considered as better drivers in safety standards than males. Similarly, persons driving all day long like call taxi drivers would be considered as more risky persons than those working in offices and driving only between the home and the office. 

Factors in Auto Insurance that Could Be Changed 

The first step in reducing your auto insurance is to keep your driving record clean. It could not be denied that accidents would occur when you drive for 5 years, records of which the insurance companies look at. However, if you try to drive safely from the day you obtain the driving license, then you would be able to explain to the insurance company that you had not been at fault in the accidents involved in your driving history. It would definitely be a highly favorable point in obtaining lower auto insurance rates. 

High value cars and new cars would result in higher premiums. If you wish to save on your auto insurance costs, purchase cars that are of low value or opt for cheap and best used cars. This would result in lower auto insurance premium quotes. Insurance companies know that the repair or replacement costs of high value cars would be proportionately larger. Hence, they would jack up the auto insurance premiums accordingly. 

Combining your various insurance policies like auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and home insurance with one insurance company would also help in influencing the insurance company to offer you better insurance rates. However, you should be selective about the coverages that you take under the auto insurance such as liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical coverage, etc. You should assess the risk of driving in your area and arrive at the right type of coverages and their limits.