How to Reduce Insurance Costs for Teen Drivers


When it comes to surprising people with high car insurance costs, our young drivers usually get the biggest share of the pie. This is reality that all of us will have to deal with. While it is still possible to find reasonable insurance policies for teen drivers, hunting for the right one is a totally different story. As a parent, you knew this already long before your kid wants to drive his own car.

All of us were once treated as risky drivers, right? If you didn’t know this, your parents probably took care of all the dirty work year after year. As you aged and gained experience, the cost of insurance dwindles down.

As cited earlier, finding the right insurance company that will cover teen drivers are often difficult. In fact, there are insurers who will refuse to cover teen drivers, particularly those that have only acquired provisional license. Again, this is due to the already smeared driving records held by most teenage drivers.

When it comes to being road daredevils, nothing beats our teen drivers. The foolishness on the road is clearly reflected to some of the most disturbing accidents in history. As a parent, we could only advise our kids to take it easy, but it’s really up to them to change this perception. So, having said that, here are few things why insurers will not hesitate to charge teenage drivers with their skyrocketing fees.

According to reliable sources, one in every five teen driver experienced serious road mishaps before reaching the age of 21.

Every year, thousands of teen drivers will unnecessarily lose their lives while driving.

One in every five teen drivers will experience a crash at one point or another during the first year of their driving lives. Loss of vehicle control, excessive driving speeds, night crashes, faulty bends and overtaking are the prevalent causes.

How to get the best price for teen car insurance

There are simple things that you can do to reduce the cost of insuring your teenage kid. First, select a reputable insurance company and then buy the policy online. Most, if not all, will extend 10% discount if you buy the policy this way. It’s a little money, but anything saved is appreciated.

Encourage your kid to take driving lessons or special trainings. Insurance companies are always interested in kids who do anything possible to become a better driver. This is yet another way to cut down teen insurance cost because insurers know that this kid is a responsible driver.

Driving training courses or programs will teach kids how to maneuver under different conditions, day or night. Though, most of these courses are not free, but the percentage discount you will get from the insurers will be enough to pay off the said course. Definitely, a worthwhile investment, so think of it differently and help your kid change his life by becoming a responsible citizen.

A high performance car such as sports cars is, without a doubt, worth the show off. Your kid will love you for that; you will hate the insurance company.  Does this ring a bell? Turbo charging cars with extreme speeds manned by a teen driver is a recipe for disaster.

There are still a lot of ways to reduce the cost of teen car insurance premiums these days. Don’t forget to click the links in this site to find the right company to work with.