Don’t accept a speeding ticket, fight back


It is no secret that a single speeding ticket can stay on your permanent record, and affect your insurance premiums negatively for up to five years! As a strained economy, many jurisdictions are turning to law enforcement officers to serve as a part time taxman. With the law cracking down up on the lead foot syndrome, and rash and reckless driving, there are some changes to be made. 

Gone are the days when a speeding ticket was just a ticket, and you could shrug it off with a few dollars paid as a fine, the repercussions it has on your insurance premium are grave, especially if you are a repeat offender. The insurance company sees the cover they offer you as a liability to their financial well being. 

Statistics back up their belief that people who speed on a regular basis are up to 50 percent more likely to crash. 

Stay out of trouble with the law 

As long as being late is generally un-acceptable, and people live busy, vibrant lives, there will be the need for speed; fortunately there are ways to protect yourself, and your insurance premiums. 

First and foremost, decrease the likelihood of getting a ticket. 

  • Drive safe, in a sedate and defensive manner.
  • Always keep your vehicle in road worthy condition, something as simple as a burnt out bulb, or a busted taillight can set you back hundreds of dollars. It’s a better best to shell out a few dollars to avoid such a circumstance.
  • Driving a flamboyant car, with the windows down, and the system on full volume definitely attracts undue attention from the law.
  • Drive with the crowd, a car in a sea of other cars is much likely to get hauled over by a cop. When passing a police car, stay in the right lane, and be especially careful to obey traffic laws, and stay as inconspicuous as possible. Always be on the lookout for a patrol cars, they certainly are looking out for you! Notice locations where you pass patrol cars on your daily route, and be extra careful in these locations. If you notice cars slowing down for no apparent reason, it might be a good idea to ease up on the gas.
  • Avoid rude, or offensive bumper stickers, all they mean is a lot of unwanted attention from the cops. Sure you might have a few people chuckle at your witty bumper sticker, but the highway patrol will certainly not be one of them. Especially bumper stickers targeted at cops, or the local governments are to be avoided at any cost.
  • Always be polite when speaking to an officer of the law. If you can convince the officer that it was an honest mistake, or a mere oversight could make the officer go easy on you, if not get you off the hook completely.  A lot of people show disgust, or anger towards the officer, much to their surprise, the law has a way of dealing with such drivers. A simple note that the officer makes “ND” will ensure that at the prosecution, the prosecutor, will simply quote, “No deal” in court.
  • Don’t be overtly prepared to admit your fault. Any admission of fault can be used against you during a prosecution, sealing your fate instantly. Avoid paying the fine immediately, as that can also be construed as an admission of fault.