Cheap Car Insurance for Professionals, Not For Everyone


Have you ever wondered why some drivers are able to get hold of cheap car insurance policies while you sweat all day long trying to find one? Of course, we already know that there are standard variables that insurers consider all the time such as gender and age, driving record, make and model of the car and so on.

Also, we’ve known for a while that the place we live in counts as well. Insurers are always interested to know how crowded the place is, the percentage of crimes committed such as vandalism, theft or collisions. On top of that, we were told that car insurance companies are now using our very own credit score to identify how responsible we are in terms of our financial obligations.

However, what many people don’t realize is that their occupations play a significant role in insurance computations.

How’s that even possible?

Believe me your profession affects the outcome of your policy. It’s always been that way for many years already and there are evidences that support this claim. For instance, insurers will determine how stressful your job is and for how long will you be spending on your car driving back and forth.

Interestingly, several studies showed that a less stressful person who drives a car is less likely to encounter road mishaps. Remember that insurance is all about risk computation, so if John Doe is “less likely” to be in an accident, without a doubt John Doe gets the cheapest insurance policy – as simple as that.

Who doesn’t get cheap car insurance quotes?

Here’s an interesting revelation. Contrary to the popular belief that lawyers spend much of their time on office affairs, they are actually working in a 16-hour shift in an extremely pressured environment. And because of that, insurers consider lawyers as high risk drivers when they are put behind the wheels.

CEOs from major corporations share the same fate with that of lawyers that’s why they often received skyrocketing insurance rates. Well, not forgetting that they are receiving seven to eight figure salaries each month, but you get the idea there.

If they are getting high insurance rates, then who gets for the best auto insurance quotes?

Well, it’s the performing artists! Believe it or not, but this group of people is paying the lowest car insurance policies in America. This is true despite the fact that most of them suffer financial stress more often. Paying less is always appreciated and lucky for them. Why would they pay that much in the first place when not many of them drive new cars or own expensive rides. The reasons are obvious.

But lower rates are not exclusively enjoyed by performing artists alone but also extend to people whose jobs are detailed oriented such as researchers, accountants or professional pilots.

The Bottom Line

If you belong to the high-stress jobs such as in politics, finance or law, then you could be paying an average of $1,400 a year. In the case of low stress professions, an average of $900 a year seems to be the norm.