Texas Driving and Traffic Laws


Whether you were born and raised in Texas or you are a new resident, everyone should know the traffic and driving regulations where they reside. Most of them are common across the country – speeding, seat belts, car seats etc., but the variations from state to state are what you need to remember.

In Texas, the maximum speed limit is 70 mph for cars and light trucks that travel on all of the numbered highways in rural areas during the daytime hours. Nighttime travel means not going faster than 65 mph. Most other urban freeways have speed limits that range from 55 mph to 70 mph.

Seat belt laws are in full effect in Texas with front seat occupants required to be buckled up while driving in cars and smaller trucks. All children under the age of four must be secured if they sit in the front or back of the vehicle. Babies under the age of two must be seated in a federally approved child safety seat. You can use standard safety belts or other types of safety seats for children between the ages of two and four.

A new law has gone into effect in Texas called Katie’s Law that affects elderly drivers who are from 79 to 85 years of age or older. If you are 79 years of age or older, an office visit is required to renew your driver license. You must pass the vision exam and a six-year expiration date will be issued to drivers from 79 to 84 years of age.

Everyone who is either driving or a passenger in a car in the state of Texas must wear a seatbelt. Children under the age o 15 must wear a seatbelt no matter if they are sitting in the front or back seat of the vehicle.

You are allowed to turn right on a red light in Texas. You must come to a complete stop first and always check to make sure that there isn’t’ a sign that says no turn on red. The signs are clearly posted right near the traffic light. Failure to adhere to this sign could result in a fine and/or a visit to traffic school.

Texans take pride in their state and they have adopted a motto that encompasses keeping their great state clean and litter free, as well as following the rules of the road. When you are traveling around this great state, just remember, “Don’t mess with Texas.”