Tennessee Driving and Traffic Laws


Like driving and traffic laws of all other US cities are stringent so are for Tennessee if you are a beginner then it is a MUST for you to know all the driving and traffic laws to evade any strict punishments or fines. Or even if you are driving for quite a few years it is time again to know more about the present Tennessee driving and traffic laws.

Drinking and driving or driving under influence is a serious offence and the guilty is fined heavily or poisoned or suspension of the license in extreme cases. The severity depends on your past drinking and riving records.

Driving without the license is a serious misdemeanor. The guilty is penalized for the same. The driver must have the license whenever driving on the Tennessee roads. Also, driving with an expired registration is a serious offense. This may lead to imprisonment or hefty fines.

Driving without insurance in Tennessee is a crime. Whenever you are on the road, you can be asked to show your insurance proofs like identity cards or payment receipts or policy declaration page or insurance binder. You are also required to show them whenever involved in any road accidents. The one guilty is supposed to pay all the damage. A civil suit may be filed against the guilty for wage compensation or medical reimbursement.

Illegal U-turns movements: it is a strict NO to turn your automobile at intersection. Until the position of the vehicle is optimum for taking the turn one must not take the U-turn. You are advised to move left or right on a roadway unless it is safe to take the turn to avoid any inconvenience.

Hit and run that is, leaving the scene of accident which involves personal injury or death is a punishable crime. The driver ought to remain at the scene till all the legal formalities are completed. The failure of this is Class A misdemeanor.

There should be no mechanical faults in your vehicle. The lights on your vehicle should be proper and in working conditions. This will ensure that there is proper visibility of the driver and other’s on the road. Your driving should not bother others on the road.

Reckless driving means driving regardless to the public and property safety. The driver needs to be very careful while driving to avoid any inconvenience to others. Also, talking on the mobile phones or messaging is not allowed. The children should be seated safely in the child’s seat to avoid any accidents on the roads.

The other common driving and traffic laws which must be kept in consideration are follow the traffic signals, always wear your seat belt and drive the vehicle well within the speed limit. A speeding ticket can cost you high premiums and tainted driver’s record. The unlawful modifications of the vehicle are punishable.

Thus be very careful about the Tennessee driving and traffic laws and ensure happy and safe journey on the road.