Rhode Island Driving and Traffic Laws


Every state has a strict code of rules and regulations. These laws are written to ensure the safety of the citizens. Hence, they must be followed at all costs. Any violations of these laws will be seriously dealt with. There are a set of rules and regulations written in Rhode Island too. There are a set of rules and laws written to govern the motorist on the road as well. These laws are all the more important as any violation of the laws could be putting one’s own life along with others in jeopardy. Therefore these laws have to be carefully adhered to.

The state of Rhode Island has made auto insurance mandatory, just like many other states. The minimum liability is twenty five thousand dollars for bodily injury per person. The total amount for bodily injury is fifty thousand dollars per accident. The amount fixed for property damage is twenty five thousand dollars. This is the minimum fixed and every driver must have insurance for this amount. Any driver found driving without nay proof of insurance will be penalised and have his license revoked. The state of Rhode Island follows the tort system. According to this system, in the case of an accident, a person has to be found responsible by the court of law and this person will have to pay for all the damages caused. Thus, insurance is very important to ensure financial responsibility.

It is a punishable offense to be found driving under influence in the state of Rhode Island. Any person found to have more than 0.0% of alcohol in his blood is said to be found driving under influence. For the first violation and alcohol concentration being less than 0.1%, a person would be fined anywhere between a hundred and three hundred dollars. They will also be required to perform ten to sixty hours of community service. For a first violation with blood alcohol levels greater than .1% and lesser than .15% would be charged a fine between a hundred and four hundred dollars. The driving license shall be suspended for three months. As the violations increase, the fines may go all the way up to five thousand dollars based on the alcohol in the bloodstream and the number of violations.

It is also mandatory in the state of Rhode Island to carry your driving license when you are driving. Inability to show proof of license will attract a penalty. However, the person shall not be penalised if he is able to show a license valid on the day of the violation in a court of law. In case a driver is found driving a vehicle without minimum liability and proof of insurance. His license will be revoked or suspended. A new license will not be issued until and unless the person obtains proof of financial responsibility. It is a punishable offense in the state of Rhode Island to be driving at speeds greater than the established speed for the different roads. It is also mandatory to have a child restraint system if you have a child in the car. Seat belts are also mandatory.