Repercussions of driving without auto insurance coverage


Are you driving without auto insurance coverage? If you are, you possibly are one of many drivers out there doing so, each with their own reasons. Some have failed to pay their premiums, others just didn’t buy insurance because it was too costly, some never felt they needed it, and for others their state just didn’t require it so they didn’t feel like spending the extra cash.

Whatever the reason you have for driving without auto insurance coverage, here is some information for you on what can happen because of this poor decision.

Firstly, most countries and states require that you have at least a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage to be on the road. This is to insure that in the event of an accident, you can pay the costs.

If you are caught driving without proper auto insurance coverage, you face the loss of your license and fines. This can happen, as well, in the event that you have let your insurance lapse because you didn’t pay it.

If you are caught, you will have to go to court; the judge will find you guilty, strip you of your driving license and give you a hefty fee to pay. Depending on what state you live in, you could lose your license for a year. That’s a lot of time begging for rides, and waiting for the bus. You may even live in an area where there is no bus to wait for. Then how will you get to work, to school, to the hospital? You’ll be stuck walking everywhere you need to go.

Once your time is up, you can reapply for your license, but you will have to pay another fee at that time. You may ever have to retake your driving test and a written test. This will depend on the states policies.

Besides the criminal charges you will meet, think of the financial repercussions. Not only will you have to pay fees and fines if caught driving without auto insurance coverage, what happens if you get into a major accident?

Without insurance you will have to foot the entire bill for any damage to your car and any medical bills resulting from injury, or death. It will all be on you, and if you’re an average person or a person living already below the poverty line, this will be a huge financial smack. If you weren’t in the red before, you will be now. You won’t have a vehicle and you’ll be thousands upon thousands into debt.

You will destroy your credit history like this, and without a good credit history, it’s hard to do anything in the states. Your family won’t be able to borrow money when they need it, you won’t be able to get credit cards, student loans, car loans mortgages, etc. Not to mention, having bad credit history will affect your ability to purchase auto insurance coverage in the future. It would be a devastating blow to you and your family’s financial security.

So, in short, the repercussions for driving without proper auto insurance coverage can totally wreck your life. It’s just not worth the risk to save some money. Even if you live someone where you don’t need auto insurance coverage to drive legally, the financial consequences of an accident can impact you significantly. Purchase auto insurance coverage will give you peace of mind and save you a lot of heartache.