New York State regulations about driving and insurance


Living in New York can be hectic and all consuming. There is often a lot to do and deal with in the fast pace of life that is there. Living in New York State is often a distinctive experience. There are a number of different regulations about what is acceptable and what is not when driving in this state. There are certain regulations about insurance and about driving when living in the state of New York as with any other place. It is vital that people understand the importance of this and also keep themselves aware of what they need to know to follow these regulations. Considering the fact that this is one of the busiest cities in the world, there is a strong need to be aware of the state set driving and traffic laws to prevent any undue damage to people and property.

The Motor Vehicles department in New York has specific laws regarding auto insurance, license, registration and other aspect of driving. If a person is changing their address or place of residence it is important that they pass on the same information to the concerned authorities within ten days of shifting. It must be done by email or phone but an email is not acceptable for this process.

When any individuals are involved in an accident they are required by law to exchange the information with the driver of the other vehicles involved. There may be need to provide address, phone numbers, registration and insurance with the other party and also collect the same. If such information is not exchanged it could result in the accident being revoked. It is also important that there must be proper information given if the liabilities of the property damaged is in excess of $1001. The listing of an accident on the records is not any indication of the inability of the driver but just a record of events.

There are also rules regarding children and their traveling in cars. For those children who are less than four years of age, there must be safety seats in place to protect them from any harm. For those who are less than 7 years there must be proper safety restraints in place as well. It is important to ensure that the restraints and seats are installed according to the instructions provided and also to use the precautions correctly. There must be adequate coverage for when you drive with your child according to the minimum required in auto insurance.

When driving in New York State, even if you are from an outside city you have to have insurance cover according to New York State Liability regulations. Seat belt laws are also there which requires all those in the front seats to use seat belts at all times.  Seat belt violations may be fined up to $100 based on the number of times the person has defaulted or any other particulars. The state minimum for liability, property and damages must be met with. There are also no considerations given to policies from out of state. When driving in the city, the individual must have liability insurance purchased from a New York City insurance carrier and also be able to show proof of the same when asked by the law.