Nebraska Driving and Traffic Laws


If you are a motorist, you have to take care to be aware of all the different rules and regulations that govern driving in your state. Each state has a different legal code and different penalties involved. You have to ensure that you know each of them as you can be penalised in case you are breaking the law.

The State of Nebraska also has a strict and efficient legal code for motorists. Traffic violations can be divided into many divisions. The first of these are the strict liability violations. These are offenses where committing the act is enough to penalise the driver. You do not need anything more than the proof that the act has been committed. Whether there was any criminal intent is not important. One such strict liability offense is speeding. Going over the speed limit established for a particular road way is an offense and is treated as a traffic infraction. In the occurrence of such an event, the motorist is held guilty and fined. He is fined ten dollars for going one to five miles above the speed limit. This fine increases with the speed above the established speed limit. The maximum fine being three hundred dollars for going over thirty five miles per hour more than the established speed limit.

Another common offense is running a stop sign or a red light. Only emergency vehicles are exempted from this rule. However, the person will not be penalised if the traffic control devices such as traffic lights were not functioning well at the time of offense. People can get penalised for not using proper turn signals too. Another kind of strict liability offense is when a person parks in a handicapped zone without proper authorization. A person can be penalised for these offenses without judging the criminal intent of the person. It is enough that he just committed the act.

The other kind of violations would be the Moving and Non-moving violations. Some example for these would be speeding. Driving without a seat belt is a punishable offense too. All children below six years of age being transported in a motor vehicle must have an occupant protection system. There are a few guidelines that must be followed with these restraint systems. Ensure to get baby car seats that follow government regulations.

If you are found driving with out proper insurance coverage, you can be fined up to five hundred dollars. However, if you do not have insurance coverage but have a bond with the government for the required sum of seventy five thousand dollars, you will not be penalised.

It is also a punishable offense to be found driving under influence. The influence mentioned could be alcohol or some kind of a drug. The person under influence should not be in control of the motor vehicle in any way. If the person has eight hundredths of one gram or more by weight in one hundred millimetres of his blood, he is assumed to be under influence and is not in the right state to be driving.

These are some of the rules and regulations with regard to driving motor vehicles in Nebraska.