Michigan Driving and Traffic Laws


The state of Michigan follows the no fault system of laws. This system of laws is in contrast to the tort system which says a person has to be found responsible. However, in Michigan no person has to be found at fault. According to his system, each driver is paid by his own insurance company in the case of an accident. Michigan is one of the thirteen states that follow this law. However, perfect no-fault laws cannot be followed as people do not want to pay for damages caused by other drivers. Therefore, the no-fault party is allowed to sue the at-fault party if the damages incurred exceed a pre decided amount.

The state of Michigan has also made auto insurance compulsory for every driver on its roads. The minimum liability for bodily injury is for an amount of twenty thousand dollars per person and forty thousand dollars in total. Compulsory property damage coverage is for an amount of ten thousand dollars. Property protection insurance should be for an amount of a million dollars. Person injury protection is also compulsory as it pays for the driver’s medical bills and any lost wages. Bodily injury pays for the victim’s medical bills. Property protection and property damage pay for damages to the victim’s car whether it was a collision or the car was parked legally. They also pay for other damages such as damages to buildings, lamp posts and fences and other properties.

Every state has its own set of stringent rules and regulations. Each of these rules must be followed at all costs and any violations will be penalised.

One very stringent rule is regarding DUI or driving under influence. The laws require courts to ensure each drunken driving case is decided with seventy seven days of an arrest. Even a first time conviction is bound to get a driver a six month suspension of his license. He will be eligible for a license with restrictions after thirty days of serving his suspension.

If he is convicted a second time, he might be required to serve jail time from five days to up to a year. This time should be consecutive jail time. He might also be asked to do community service for thirty to ninety days. Drunken driving that causes death will be booked as a felony.  There is also a fee of a hundred and twenty five dollars for reinstatement in case your license has been revoked, suspended or restricted. The blood alcohol content limit is in the state of Michigan is 0.15%. If the blood alcohol content exceeds this amount, the driver will be convicted for DUI.

Safety is a huge concern for the state of Michigan and it has been made mandatory to wear seat belts while driving on the roads of Michigan. Any child below four years has to be buckled in to state approved seating. For any child less than twenty pounds, the child has to be facing the rear of the vehicle. Parents must ensure that all children, greater than four years and lesser than sixteen years of age, must use the safety belt.