Louisiana Driving and Traffic Laws


Each state writes own set of rules and regulations to ensure safety for each and every one of its citizens. These rules help us to lead a safe and secure life. Anybody found violating these rules will be severely punished and penalised. There are a similar set of rules governing the motorists and the drivers of the state of Louisiana. Any person who might violate these rules must realise these laws in place to ensure our safety. Any violation will be put the driver’s and other people’s lives in danger.

The state of Louisiana follows the Tort system. According to this system, in case of an accident, a person has to be found responsible for the accident. It is the responsibility of the person and his insurance company to pay for the damages caused due to the accident. Thus, it is very important to ensure that every driver has enough finances to pay for any damages that might be caused in case of an accident. It is for this reason that the state of Louisiana has made Auto insurance mandatory. This is to ensure financial responsibility on the part of the driver.

The state has also fixed the minimum liability for each person. Each person should have a minimum of ten thousand dollars per person for bodily injury, twenty thousand dollars in total for bodily injury covering two people and ten thousand dollars for property damage. These limits are going to change from the first of January, 2010. The minimum liability will be fifteen thousand dollars for bodily injury per person and thirty thousand dollars for bodily injury in total. Property damage needs to be twenty five thousand dollars.

Driving under influence (DUI) is a very serious offense in the state of Louisiana. A person is said to be driving under the influence of alcohol if he is found with the alcohol content in his blood exceeding 0.8%. Driving under influence is generally treated as misdemeanour. However, there are chances that it might be treated as a felony too if there have been at least two convictions of Driving under influence over the past ten years.

People arrested for DWI or driving with influence have a deadline of fifteen days to request a hearing before their license is mandatorily suspended. The 0.8% limit is for drivers over twenty one years of age. For people under twenty one years of age, the limit is set at 0.2%. Not complying with the police officer when he requests to check your blood alcohol content is also an offense.

Driving without insurance is also a serious breach of the law. A driver must be able to provide proof of insurance i.e. his insurance card etc as soon as an officer of the law asks for it. In case he does not display it he will be penalised. The vehicle can be impounded and the driver has three days to come up with proof of insurance. He can also be fined. The fines are usually between seventy five dollars to a hundred dollars for the first offense and a hundred to two fifty dollars for the second offense. It can go up to seven hundred dollars on subsequent offenses.