Idaho Driving and Traffic Laws


The state of Idaho follows a points system to evaluate the driving record of a person. The points assigned for each traffic offense or violation would continue to add up in the driving history and appropriate punishments would be meted out. The points accumulated by the driver for each offense or violation of the following rules are provided below for your driving reference in Idaho.

Starting parked vehicle 2
Limitation on Backing 1
Drivers to exercise due care 3
Driving through safety zone prohibited 2
Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency police vehicles  3
Drive on right side of roadway – exceptions 3
Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions 2
Overtaking a vehicle on left 3
When passing on right is permitted 2
Limitations on overtaking on the left 3
Further limitations on driving on left of center of highway 3
One-way highways 1
Driving on highways laned for traffic 1
Following too closely 3
Vehicles approaching or entering unmarked/uncontrolled intersection 3
Vehicle turning left  3
Vehicle entering highway 3
Required position and method of turning 3
Limitations on turning around 3
Obedience to signal indicating approach of train 4
Compliance with stopping requirements at railroad grades 4
Emerging from alley, driveway, or building 3
Basic rule and maximum speed limits 3-4
Minimum speed regulation 3
Special speed limitations 3-4
Construction danger zone speed limits 3
Pedestrian’s right-of-way in crosswalk 3
Obedience to and required traffic control devices 3
Traffic control signal legend 3
Flashing signals 3
Stop signs 3
Failure to yield-signed intersection 3
Turning movement and required signals 3
Duty to give information in accident involving damage to a vehicle 4
Duty upon striking unattended vehicle 4
Duty upon striking fixtures upon, or adjacent to, a highway 4
Inattentive driving 3
Obedience to traffic direction 2
Driving on divided highways 1
Restricted access 1
Overtaking and passing school bus 4
Racing on public highways 4
Exhibition of speed 4
Excessive acceleration 4

Under the Idaho traffic laws, if a driver accumulates 12 to 17 points in a 12-month period, the driving license would be suspended for 30 days. If the points accumulated are between 18 and 23 in the past 24 months, the suspension period of license would be 90 days. If the driver gets 24 or more points for traffic violation, the license would be suspended for 6 months. After the end of the suspension period, the driver could apply to the Idaho Transportation Department in Boise and pay a reinstatement fee varying between $15 and $180. This fee would be raised to a range of $25 to $285 from January 1, 2010.

Idaho is one of the 42 states in the United States to have joined the Driver License Compact and the 1977 Interstate Non-Resident Violator Compact. Hence, drivers registered in Idaho could be found guilty for offenses or violations in other member states, while non-Idaho drivers committing traffic violations would be reported to the respective states where they are registered. Idaho follows the tort system like majority of the states in US. Under the system, the driver at fault would have to meet all the claims and expenses of the other persons involved in the accident.