How to Be Safety on the Road


If you want cheap or affordable insurance, you need to show your insurer that you’re a safe driver. How do you exactly do that? We’ll discuss it in this article.

You can accomplish this task in two ways. First, you need to follow the laws of the road, and regulations by observing traffic laws and signage. They are there to remind you of what you can or cannot do. To disobey them is an offense, and you could be punished for being so hardheaded. The second one is to take into account is the safety of the other drivers. If all drivers would think before doing something stupid, car accidents will not be as prevalent as today.

Following road laws and practicing safe driving behavior will reduce the number of accidents that happen each year. Sadly, this isn’t the case right now. Distracted people rushing to get from, point A to point B are becoming a common occurrence.

Over speeding is one of the leading causes of countless car accidents; in addition to drunk driving or drugs, and you got yourself the perfect ingredients for a disaster. However, did you know that majority of the accidents could have been prevented if someone, in his right mind, would not drive his car because he’s drunk?

To give you a heads-up, below are some do’s and don’ts practiced by most safe drivers around the country when driving. Don’t forget to wear your seat belt.

  • If you have kids on board, choose only those appropriate and approved children accessories.
  • Always follow road laws and regulations. If you’re driving in a new place, it’s best to review them and to be cautious at all times.
  • It’s prudent to follow speed limits all the time.
  • Whether or not you’re familiar with the area, always keep your attention fixed on the road all the time. Did you know that a surprising number of accidents happen just a couple of blocks from home?
  • Be considerate and a courteous driver.
  • Don’t compete with the pedestrians. Give them the right-of-way.
  • Keep an emergency kit in the car all the time. Cellphone, flares, flashlight, blankets, food and water are just some of the most essentials.
  • Always keep a spare tire and check it regularly. Have a working jack as well.

Now that we’re done with the do’s, it’s time to talk about the things every driver should avoid when driving.

  • Obviously, don’t drink and drive. We’ve heard this a million times yet many still do.
  • Don’t read other driver’s mind. Never trust your assumptions that he’s going to turn left when he’s about to turn right.
  • Don’t follow the next car too close.
  • Don’t drive on the shoulder.
  • Don’t turn right if you see a signage bearing “No Right Turn.” Don’t run on stoplights or kept forgetting to yield.
  • Avoid playing your stereo system so loud that you could no longer hear the outside world.  Watch out for fast approaching emergency service vehicles, such as ambulances or fire trucks.
  • If you need to answer a very important phone call, don’t talk and drive. Find a safe place to pull over.
  • Don’t shave, eat, put on makeup, change clothes or find the lost CD’s underneath your seat, while driving.
  • The car is not a toy so don’t play with it or race with the other drivers. There are designated places for car racing, and you can exercise your passion if you go there.
  • Road rage is punishable by law, and you could lose your license if you do so. Don’t drive if you can’t handle your emotions well.
  • Don’t leave any valuables inside the car.