Hang Up That Mobile Phone And Drive!


Mobile phone is life’s essential and in fact, many of us could not live a day another day touching our cell phones. However, recent statistics indicate that roughly 80% of all car-related accidents are caused by the distractions of the driver when using cell phones while driving.

Many U.S. states have identified the impending dangers of mobile phones and passed numerous legislations to require the drivers to use “hand-free” devices when talking inside their cars. Interestingly, people continued to disregard the said laws and in fact, added other equally dangerous acts of texting and surfing while driving!

This problem is not isolated in the U.S. but in the U.K. as well where there is an increase of about 40% in 2008 of the drivers receiving citations for using their mobiles phone while operating their cars.

The grim statistics

According to the experts from University of Utah, the distraction caused by mobile phones will deter the response time and is comparable to being legally drunk, which is about .08% BAC. Another study made by Carnegie Mellon University indicated that as much as 37% of the driver’s skills are reduced while using the mobile phones.

Both studies were proven true when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that using a mobile phone or any wireless device is the number one cause of distraction among drivers. In fact, those drivers who cannot resist answering or making calls while driving will have 400% greater chance of putting their lives at risk in an injury accident. Not to mention, that almost a quarter of all accidents reported originates from being distracted from using such devices.

Drivers using their mobile phones are a menace not only to other drivers but also to the pedestrians and cyclists. About 45% of them reported that they were struck or able to avoid near collision accidents because the driver was too busy texting or using his mobile phone.

The statistics that surprise us

There were numerous surveys conducted to understand the people’s sentiments on banning the use of mobile phone while driving. The result is almost undivided and about 80% of them supported the said legislations. However, around 65 to 80% of the participants admitted that one point in time, they were distracted because they were using a cell phone! These statistics are not exclusive to one age group alone but to everybody.

Using your common sense

In reality, people should not get distracted from doing anything while driving except to concentrate on the road ahead. Take note that “driving while distracted” do not simply refers to the use mobile phones but also to applying make-up while driving, attempting to read a book or newspaper, trying to shave or just about anything that could divert the driver’s attention off the road.

Remember, if you are cited and to be found guilty by DWD, everything will go to your driving records – even if there was no accident at all. Auto insurance companies review these records all the time and could very well increase your insurance premiums on your next renewal.