Being a safe driver on the road


All of us like to think that we are reasonably good drivers and are capable of taking care of our vehicle as well as the other users of the road. But, at times, things could possibly go out of hand resulting in a hazardous situation. Hence, while operating a motor vehicle, it is highly recommended that you minimize such potential situations to as little as possible so that you don’t have to end up dealing with it and getting confused in the process. Listed below are the hallmarks of a good driver; try to follow them as closely as possible. Ensuring you know and understand the driving laws can prove to be beneficial to you as well as the other drivers on the road.

Checking blind spots

No matter how well versed you are with the laws of the road; it could still be quite dangerous if you aren’t familiar with changing lanes and merging onto major roads. One such thing that many people tend to be quite bad at is checking blind spots. Whenever you are planning to change your lane, either from a fast lane to a slow lane or vice versa, it is always strongly advisable to check your blind spots before doing so. On an expressway, the dangers of not checking blind spots are quite high and you might end up causing a serious injury if you don’t take adequate precautions. Hence, use rear view mirrors and check blind spots while shifting lanes.

Maintaining a safe distance

As a rule of thumb, always keep a two car gap while on the expressway and at least a one car gap while driving within the city. You should know that it can be quite dangerous if you don’t maintain gaps and might end up hurting someone in the process. In order to compensate for sudden braking and abrupt lane changes, it is always strongly recommended to have a sufficient amount of gap between your vehicles. In this manner, you will be assured of not being in a dangerous position when the traffic patterns change abruptly.

Driving within the speed limit

The posted limits on the roads are normally the maximum permissible speed that a vehicle is allowed to travel in. This speed is scientifically determined based on a number of parameters like quality of the road, the angle of the turns as well as other potential hazards surrounding the road. Hence, it is strongly advised that you drive within the stipulate speed limit if you don’t intend to get hurt while on the road. People that tend to speed are the ones most likely involved in road accidents. At high speeds, the number of risks increases substantially, which is what you ought to keep in mind while driving.

Hence, by following all of the above mentioned rules in addition to the ones that are in effect where you are driving, you can be a safe and trustworthy driver on the road. Remember to share the road equally with all vehicles, as the safety of others is just as important as yours. Together, you can have a pleasant experience while on the road. If all drivers would follow the rules like they were intended to, the number of accidents will come down substantially.