Auto insurance and driving regulations for the state of Washington


We all know that driving is a daily thing that may be governed by numerous laws. We have to compulsorily follow these directions to the letter in order to prevent a brush with the law which can result as a blemish on our driving record and ultimately affect our auto insurance rates. It is important to be aware of the driving regulations while driving out of state so you do not end up making a fatal mistake which can result in loss of life or money. It is also important to know of insurance requirements so that you can be assured of adequate coverage when traveling from state to state. Washington is no different. As is the case with the other states in the US, Washington also has a strict set of rules in place when it comes to driving and auto insurance.

There are strict regulations in place about using cell phones when driving in Washington. It is prohibited on all counts. The traffic police personnel will issue a ticket to the driver who is caught speaking on the cell phone while driving within the state. 

The regulations across the states may also vary based on the age of the individual’s driving. The teen driving laws in particular are important as these are often different from one state to the other. Since the number of accidents involving teens is often on the increase, Washington has very specific regulations and restrictions on obtaining license. People who have an intermediate license are banned from using cell phones while driving as it could be distracting. In addition insurance for teens is also quite expensive with often high premiums to begin with in keeping with the large number of accidents that are occurring every day.

There are also specific rules regarding intermediate license for teens in Washington State. There must be supervision by a parent or guardian while completing at least 50 hours of driving. The parent or guardian who is supervising must have five years of experience at least. Passing a driver’s education course is also in turn important for teenagers and youngsters. It is important to make sure that you look for and get adequate auto insurance coverage as well. Following fulfillment of certain criteria such as passing a driver’s education course and having a clean driving record, restrictions on night and passenger driving may be removed.

As with any other state it is important that every driving adult and teen know the basic requirements for coverage when driving a car. It is also important to research and compare costs of insurance so as to obtain the best deal possible from the available choices. When you know what coverage is required and what is optional you will be able to better choose the best deals in the market. Getting accurate information is vital as it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Also make sure you take advice from and get quotes from insurance carriers that are licensed to provide the service in the state. There are various discounts available when you shop around for car insurance ensuring that you get the best deal possible.  Make sure you know the minimum coverage necessary in case of property damage, liability due to injury to individuals or groups and so on.